'RHONJ's Teresa Giudice Talks 'Sad' Reunion and Where She Stands With Joe and Melissa Gorga (Exclusive)

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After a bombshell Real Housewives of New Jersey finale and a highly anticipated reunion, is Teresa Giudice any closer to peace with her brother, Joe Gorga, and sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga? As the original cast member plainly put it to ET, "No."

ET's Brice Sander sat down with newlyweds Teresa and Louie Ruelas ahead of their Bravo wedding special, set to air Tuesday night, and nearly a year after the pair tied the knot in real life last August. At the time, Teresa's only sibling and fellow castmates, Joe and Melissa, sparked shocking headlines when they did not attend, alluding to unseen drama that would unfold in future footage of the Real Housewives. While the circumstances surrounding their last-minute choice not to attend had been shrouded in mystery until the very last episode, fans finally saw how tensions boiled over just days before the wedding in the finale of the 13th season. Ultimately, Joe and Melissa opted to skip the nuptials after a rumor she cheated on Joe came to a head at a party all of the castmates attended in the finale -- a rumor that, unbeknownst to some of their co-stars, Melissa and Joe already knew because Louie confronted Joe with it months earlier and then Joe told Melissa himself. 

"How can I go and celebrate someone else's marriage when they are the people that are constantly trying to destroy mine?" Melissa asked castmate Dolores Catania after the explosive party. "I'm not doing it."

Despite nearly a year passing, it does not seem time -- nor the upcoming reunion -- has healed their very old wounds. 

"I wish them well," Teresa tells ET now. "I just want to focus on our family, our children."

Adds Louie, "It's a lot of energy spent on things that aren't important in life, you know, so we're here, we're married, our kids are amazing, our family's doing really well, and that's where our focus is."

As for whether she hopes for a future relationship with Melissa and Joe, Teresa made it clear that's not her focus right now. 

"I'm not even thinking about that," she says. "I'm thinking about just what's good for me. It's been a long time that I've been dealing with this, a long time, so I just want peace and happiness and I just want to focus on our family, 'cause, like, all that is, like, negative energy that I don't need in my life."

While fans can draw their own conclusions when the reunion airs, for Teresa and Louie, the sit-down was "sad."

"I felt like a lot of people were coming after Louie and I and it was only that side, like, on the other side where my brother was," she says. "It was just sad, but I mean, we made it through."

The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Gets Married airs May 23 on Bravo. 


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