'Yellowstone' Star Kevin Costner Receives His Golden Globe, Offers Heartfelt Acceptance Speech From Bed

Costner missed the ceremony due to intense flooding, preventing him from making the drive.

Kevin Costner invited the world into his bedroom, and it was in that intimate setting where he gave an emotional acceptance speech after unboxing his Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama Series.

The Yellowstone star recalled the night he was forced to miss the 2023 Golden Globes due to devastating floods in California. Costner, who lives in the celebrity enclave of Montecito, California, said he and his wife got cut off in Ventura on their way to the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills and were forced to watch it from home.

"We felt so horrible about that and there was just nothing we could do, and we watched the time like sand in a bottle go out as our chances dimmed of getting there," he explained. "And so we watched from home, and and it wasn’t the same."

Costner said his tuxedo was ready at a Los Angeles area hotel and his wife, Christine, also had a dress. On the day of the awards ceremony, the 68-year-old actor took to Instagram and posted a video announcing his regret that he would have to miss the ceremony.

"I never liked to be too cool for school," Costner added in his unboxing video. "Wanted to be there and Christine realized that my heart was a little bit low and my wife with 30 bucks went down to the store -- I’ll never forget this -- she bought about 30 balloons 'cause it was just gonna be us and our family in the den watching the Golden Globes."

He added, "But my wife found a way to take something really simple and my children and I sat on the couch and we watched the whole doggone thing and my kids heard our name be called and, we weren’t at one of the greatest parties in the world; we wanted to be, but we found ourselves together as a family and my children heard my name called and they stood up and they cheered."

Costner then proceeded to unbox the Golden Globe, and sitting on top of the box was the card read by the presenter.

"For best performance as an actor," Costner read the card. He beat out Better Call Saul's Bob Odenkirk, The Old Man's Jeff Bridges, Andor's Diego Luna and Severance's Adam Scott.

He said "Wow" after taking the Golden Globe out of the box and then proceeded to give his acceptance speech.

"You know, when you first come to Hollywood, you just wanted to get your first job and you've seen these things [awards shows] and you even wonder if you're ever going to get in a room like that," he said. "It feels really good to have this. There’s no substitute for being there, but my wife made a night of it for us and all those balloons and now I’m holding it."

This is Costner's third Golden Globe. He previously won in 1991 for Dances With Wolves in the Best Director -- Motion Picture category and in 2013 for Hatfields & McCoys in the Best Actor -- Miniseries or Television Film category.

While this Golden Globes story had a happy ending, the same cannot be said just yet for Yellowstone. According to multiple reports, Matthew McConaughey is in talks to star in a new Yellowstone series following a Deadline report alleging disagreements over Costner's filming schedule. According to the report, Costner allegedly requested one week of shooting to complete the remaining eight episodes in the back half of season 5, which is slated to air in the summer. His request was allegedly denied by Paramount Network.