'Yellowjackets' Season 2 Adds Elijah Wood for Season-Long Guest Arc

Elijah Wood
Getty Images

The former 'Lord of the Rings' star is the latest addition to the expanding ensemble cast.

Elijah Wood is the latest actor to join Yellowjackets season 2. Showtime revealed the newest cast member will have “a season-long guest arc” as Walter, when the Emmy-nominated drama returns with new episodes. According to the premium cable channel, Walter is “a dedicated Citizen Detective who will challenge Misty [Christina Ricci] in ways she won’t see coming.” 

“I am beyond stoked to join y'all,” the actor shared on Twitter following the announcement.

The news of Wood’s casting comes after Lauren Ambrose and Simone Kessell were added as adult versions of plane crash survivors, Van and Lottie, respectively. Both of their younger counterparts were upped to series regulars, as the series tells parallel timelines about what happened in the past, after a high school soccer team was stranded in the Canadian Rockies, and the present, following a small group of adults, who made it out alive. 

When ET last spoke with Ricci, who earned an Emmy nomination for her performance in season 1, about new cast members joining the series, she said she was excited to see how they will shake things up. “I’m just excited for the story -- the story got so crazy in the last episode of season 1, and I’m just excited for that complexity and the new characters we’ll be introduced to and everything, you know,” she said. 

Production on season 2, meanwhile, has already begun with creators Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson writing scripts as the cast prepares to return to Vancouver at the end of August to start filming new episodes. Melanie Lynskey, who was also nominated for an Emmy for her turn as Shauna, gushed over what she’s read of the scripts so far. 

“I wish there was another script. I wish I had episode 2. I wish I had episode 3. I just wanted to keep reading it, which is a really good sign,” she shared. “I was very intrigued by my character, and then also everyone else’s characters.”