Wynonna Judd Opens Up About Her Love for Post Malone and New Tour (Exclusive)

The country legend kicks off her 15-city theater tour, 'Back to Wy,' on Thursday in Indianapolis.

Wynonna Judd is burning with love for Post Malone! And as the country legend gets ready to kick off her new tour, the 59-year-old couldn't help but gush over the "Sunflower" rapper.

ET's Rachel Smith was with Judd at her tour rehearsal in Nashville, Tennessee where she's getting ready for her theater tour, Back to Wy. It was there where she carved out a little time to give the 28-year-old rapper a major shout-out, after she and her husband, drummer Scott "Cactus" Moser, recently attended a Post Malone concert in Atlanta.

When asked how she became a Post Malone fan, Judd quipped, "In the car when you're going 75, what do you listen to? Post Malone."

But in all seriousness, Judd couldn't help but praise the rapper for how he carries himself on and off the stage.

"I love Post Malone. If you go see his shows, you know, it's real easy to judge the book by the cover and all this stuff that you hear. He's got the most tender heart, he's got a baby, he's in love, he's happy, he's pretty darn normal in a sense because he's very present," she says. "He's smart and he's just so creative. And I saw his show. It's one of the best shows I've ever seen."

And this isn't just lip service. This is game recognizing game.

"No, I'm serious -- he's a great singer," she says. "That's another thing. He is a great singer and his melodies -- You know, so much of music, sometimes, it doesn't have melody as much anymore. He sings. I could not have loved his show more."

And she hopes her fans feel the same way about her upcoming tour, Back to Wy, which kicks off Thursday in Indianapolis. The 15-city tour will feature songs off her first two solo albums -- 1992's Wynonna and 1993's Tell Me Why. She'll perform the tracks in those albums, front to back, followed by a finale of her other hits along with The Judds classics.

In February, Judd completed The Judds: The Final Tour in honor of her mother and bandmate, Naomi Judd, who tragically died in April 2022. For this tour, Judd says she's planning it like she would be planning a wedding. She's meticulously looking every detail. 

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"Yeah, I feel so responsible for every little detail," she says, "and I love the fans so much I want it to be so good for them."

It's the attention to detail she hopes fans will notice on this tour.

"Literally, I'm thinking about what I'm gonna say for the first time in my career because these two albums are the very first of my career as a solo artist, so there are so many stories about what I was going through during that transition and I want the fans to know just how important this experience is," she adds. "And I want it to be right because I feel like I've invited all my favorite people over to the house and I'm cooking a meal."

The goal? For fans to leave her concert fulfilled. Think good comfort food after a night of laughter with close friends, with the final course coming by way of a Led Zeppelin track.

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"I'm literally ending the show with a song that is a Led Zeppelin song," she says. "I thought, 'I'm so crazy and I feel so blessed, I'm just gonna go for it as if I can't fail.' This is the tour that I've always wanted to do forever where you feel the expectations and you want to please people. You just do 'cause they bought the tickets. They spent their hard-earned money on it. I want this show to be fun."

It's a big week for Judd, who not only kicks off her theater tour on Thursday but also releases her new compilation record, A Tribute to the Judds, on Friday.

"I've come really close to failure so many times but I've had some great successes and I'm celebrating that on this tour," she says. "This tour is about stopping and saying thank you to the fans. I could not have done it without you."


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