Woody Harrelson Reacts to Look-Alike Baby With Hilarious Poem

The Oscar-nominated actor got his rhyme on while taking a subtle jab at himself!

Woody Harrelson is reacting to the viral photo of a baby with an uncanny resemblance to him, with a poem that's a serious dose of cuteness overload.

The 61-year-old actor took to Instagram and posted the side-by-side photo showing 9-month-old Cora and the actor. It's quite the spitting image. Cora's mother, Dani Grier Mulvenna, posted the photo on Twitter, and it quickly gained more than 400,000 likes.

Well, the three-time Oscar-nominated actor got wind of the photo, and he did more than just acknowledge Cora's adorability. He wrote a poem in which he also takes a subtle jab at himself.

"Ode to Cora," the White Men Can't Jump star begins. "You're an adorable child. Flattered to be compared. You have a wonderful smile. I just wish I had your hair."

Cora's mother couldn't believe the actor took notice, much less dedicated a poem to her little one. Mulvenna took to Twitter and wrote, "It's not every day Woody Harrelson writes your daughter a poem."

She also responded to Harrelson's post on Instagram, saying, "You've made our day ❤️ can't wait to show her this when she's older, you have another fan for life."