'When Calls the Heart': Erin Krakow Teases Season 10 Features Several 'Roller-Coaster' Moments (Exclusive)

The actress promises a few 'jaw-dropping' moments in the new season of the Hallmark Channel drama, which premieres Sunday..

Get ready, Hearties, season 10 of When Calls the Heart promises to be a wild ride! Ahead of the anticipated return of the Hallmark Channel drama on Sunday, Erin Krakow sat down with ET's Deidre Behar, where she offered a preview of all that's to come for Elizabeth and the folks in Hope Valley. 

"I am very excited," Krakow said. "I have such a memory of being on set in season 1 and wrapping up the season and we were talking as a cast about where we thought the show could go. And the fact that we are here celebrating the premiere of season 10, it's remarkable. I am so grateful."

The new season picks up following the events of the finale, which saw Elizabeth and Lucas (Chris McNally) getting engaged, and expectant couple Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) and Lee (Kavan Smith) preparing for the birth of their baby.

"Season 10 is packed. We are truly leveling up the When Calls the Heart experience," Krakow, who is also an executive producer, teased. "We are bringing in lots of exciting guest stars. We've don't know if they are good guys or bad guys. We have family visits, we have musical episodes -- not a true musical episode, but there is music. There's some singing. There's a tourist destination -- this hot springs in town. There's a lot of romance. There's a new baby. It's a momentous season, as it should be in season 10."

Krakow revealed the season begins with Elizabeth and Lucas enjoying the early stages of their engagement as the couple dip their toe in wedding planning. "There is cake tasting and invitations and, you know, talk of dress designs," the actress hinted. "All the good stuff. We will see them on that journey."

David Dolsen/Hallmark

But she added that Elizabeth may be the one When Calls the Heart character who faces the biggest obstacles this year.

"Elizabeth goes through it this season. She has some emotional hurdles that she has to overcome," Krakow said. "Her kid is growing up. Little Jack has all of these questions now about his father and that is a new challenge for Elizabeth. She has a lot on her plate. She is juggling a lot."

"And then you've got Henry Gowen. He is at a point where the community has really forgiven him, but he has to figure out if he can forgive himself, which is a big process for Gowen. Lucas, he has some career opportunities that will challenge him in a good way. But change is hard," she continued. "And then you have Rosemary, who is questioning what kind of a mom she might be and obviously Elizabeth is there to comfort her and support her on that journey. There is something for everyone [to go through]."

With the Hallmark favorite reaching a milestone 10th season, which will include the series' 100th episode, Krakow promised the drama is at an all-time high.

"There will be some jaw dropping. There will probably be a few moments of dropped jaws," she teased. "There's a bit of a life-or-death situation." Thankfully, no one perishes as a result of the life-or-death situation, Krakow assured, but "it gets a little dicey for a second." 

And it wouldn't be When Calls the Heart without tug-at-your-heartstrings romantic moments. "We've got some big romance beats, jaw-dropping beats there," Krakow said.

"Just buckle your seatbelts," she added. "I am not kidding, it's a massive season. It's a roller-coaster. It's a fun roller-coaster."

When Calls the Heart returns July 30 on Hallmark Channel.