Vinny Guadagnino Says Mike Sorrentino Came out of Prison a 'Better Person' (Exclusive)

The 'Jersey Shore' star is opening up about his new cookbook and The Situation's time behind bars.

Vinny Guadagnino is opening up about Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's time in prison. 

ET Live's Jason Carter spoke with Guadagnino over FaceTime on Monday, as he discussed his new Keto Guido Cookbook and Sorrentino becoming a "better person" after serving time. Sorrentino was released from prison on Sept. 12 after serving an eight-month sentence in the Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, New York, for pleading guilty to tax evasion.      

"Honestly, you guys are going to all see that play out on future episodes of Jersey Shore, so I don't want to give too much away. But Mike is amazing," Guadagnino shared. "He really used the experience to become a better person. He looks great, and you can just tell by the way he looks externally how he probably is internally. He's happy, he's healthy, he's amazing."

"Only Mike can handle something like that, get out of it, and be completely normal and happy and good," he added. 

Guadagnino and the rest of the Jersey Shore cast have been there to support Sorrentino since his release.   

"He has a lot of stories, and you're going to hear all those stories on the show," Guadagnino teased. "I will say that it was interesting, his prison experience, because you know, it wasn't jail with high violent people. It's a lot of white-collar people in there, and as you can imagine, there's a lot of interesting stories that came with that." 

For now, Sorrentino has been enjoying time at home with his wife, Lauren. The pair got married last November, and Guadagnino says kids could be coming up next. 

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure they want to do that. I mean, the guy got married and then went straight to prison. So I'm sure they have a lot of lost time to make up, and probably a lot of sex to have," he candidly shared. 

Guadagnino, meanwhile, has been working on a project of his own, his new cookbook, The Keto Guido Cookbook: Delicious Recipes to Get Healthy and Look Great, which is out now. 

"You can't really share full recipes on Instagram, and I've kind of become a big name in this space," he shared of why he wanted to make the book. "I want people who are starting off on keto to No. 1, get an easy-to-follow guide on how the diet even works. That's what the first part of the book is. And No. 2, every single recipe in that book, I've co-signed. You don't have to worry about, 'Is there an ingredient that tastes weird? Do I have a weird aftertaste?' I vetted them out, and it's stuff that I would eat. And I'm a picky eater, so I think you'll like it too."

"Last night I made my meatballs, and they're pork meatballs, but I added beef and pork together. I put them in my air fryer, and they were the best tasting balls I've ever had in my mouth. So I'd love to give my balls to all my cast members the next time I see them," he joked. 

The Keto Guido Cookbook: Delicious Recipes to Get Healthy and Look Great is available wherever books are sold. See more in the video below, and tune in to Tuesday night's ET for our exclusive sit-down with Sorrentino. 


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