'Vacation Friends 2' Bloopers: John Cena Compares the Raunchy Comedy to the WWE (Exclusive)

The hilarious sequel premieres Aug. 25 on Hulu.

The cast of Vacation Friends 2 is taking viewers along for the "fun ride!" In ET's exclusive debut of the comedy sequel's gag reel, stars John CenaLil Rel HoweryYvonne Orji and Meredith Hagner are cracking up in practically every scene.

"I was in tears," Howery says in the behind-the-scenes look at the fun film. "We were laughing every take."

The original Vacation Friends, released in 2021, starred Cena and Hagner as Ron and Kyla, an uninhibited pair who crash the wedding reception of another couple -- Marcus and Emily, played by Howery and Orji -- they met on a wild recent vacation.

In the sequel, which picks up a few months later, the foursome are back together as they take another trip, to a lavish Caribbean resort where Marcus is also trying to facilitate a serious business deal. However, there's some new characters along for the ride, like Ron and Kyla's infant son -- played mostly by a "creepy" doll -- and Kyla's dad, who is fresh out of prison and played by the hilarious Steve Buscemi.

"There was a lot of improvising," Buscemi says of the beachside set of the comedy.

Cena agrees, noting that filming the movie was "kind of like the WWE... We just riff off each other."

Watch the full blooper reel in the video above.

The film also stars Ronny Chieng, Carlos Santos, Jamie Hector, Julianne Arrieta, Julee Cerda, Kevin Yamada and more.

Vacation Friends 2 premieres Aug. 25 on Hulu.




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