'The Voice': Niall Horan Makes His Own Version of Gwen Stefani's Blake Shelton Necklace

Gwen's been repping her hubby via jewelry throughout the Blind Auditions -- and Niall wanted in on the fun!

Gwen Stefani has been playing tribute to hubby Blake Shelton on The Voice season 24, and Niall Horan wanted in on the fun!

Throughout the Blind Auditions, Gwen has donned her signature gold "Shelton" and "Stefani" necklaces as a way of keeping Blake close to her heart during her first season without him. And on Monday, the couple's "TV son," Niall, revealed that he had some necklaces of his own.

Showing off the pieces of jewelry that he "had made," Niall got a laugh from his fellow coaches as he displayed three friendship bracelet-style beaded necklaces that read "Shelton," "Stefani" and "Horan."


"It should have been a nicer necklace if you're gonna copy what she's doing," John Legend teased of Niall's low-quality tribute.

"He's not at this level!" Gwen joked.

Tyler Golden/NBC via Getty Images

Niall forged a semi-unlikely friendship with Blake last season, and between dressing up as the country star, trying to impersonate his accent, and picking up some of his old tricks, it's been hard for Gwen not to sympathize with him missing Blake this season.

"Niall, I have to say -- our son -- it ends up that I love him," Gwen recently told ET with a laugh of working with the Irish singer for the first time. "We had so much fun in the Blinds together. He's funny, he's kind of a little Blake-ish, you know?"

"He's super awesome, he's talented, funny, cute, has a cute accent," she raved. "He's my mom's new favorite, like, everyone fell in love with him last season."

However, that hasn't stopped Gwen from stepping in for her hubby to take over teasing poor Niall on the show.

"Blake used to come home and be like, 'Oh Niall, I love that kid. I love that kid,' she recalled. "I do get it, [but] my whole joke is, Niall will be like, 'Oh I love Blake' or whatever, and I'm like, 'Well, it's weird because Blake never mentioned you one time. Never, like you're actually nonexistent in our house.'"

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