'The Voice' Coaches Rave About Reba McEntire's First Season on the Show (Exclusive)

Reba McEntire
Tyler Golden/NBC

The queen of country has made quite an impression on her fellow coaches!

Reba McEntire is getting rave reviews on her first season of The Voice from her fellow coaches!

The country icon took over her red spinning chair from longtime coach Blake Shelton -- who departed at the end of last season -- and her fellow season 24 coaches told ET's Cassie DiLaura that she's fit right in.

"She's taken to that chair very well," Niall Horan praised on the red carpet ahead of the season's first live show on Monday. "Reba is everything you want Reba to be. She's been just such a great addition."

"She's such a nice woman and clearly very knowledgeable about music," he added. "Affectionate and caring about her team, and she's funny -- and that's pretty much everything you need in a coach."

Gwen Stefani agreed, praising Reba for getting up to speed on the pressures of the singing competition in short order.

"I think it is hard the first time you come here, 'cause its like, there's just so much," she shared. "It's also so amazing here -- you get so inspired. I'm happy for her because I know that for someone that's done everything in her life a million times over, to be able to kind of mentor people and to be able to watch the growth, it's so inspiring."

Reflecting on forming a closer bond with Reba, Gwen joked that the three-time GRAMMY winner's humility was hard for her to believe at first.

"Honestly she is so kind and so humble -- I almost want to be like, 'You're Reba, like, stop!'" she shared with a laugh. "I think she's just having such a blast and she's gotten so good at the show really quick."

And Gwen said that she's certain her new friendship with the country music legend won't end when the season does. "She's just one of those people that once you know her, you're [in]," she said. "Even if she doesn't want it -- I'm gonna text her."

As for Reba's thoughts on the show so far, the country music legend admits that she was a bit intimidated by the pressures of her first season, but has since learned some tricks to managing the competition.

"The main thing that I have learned is to take it one minute at a time," she shared. "It is a lot to take in for the first time being a coach."

However, when asked who might be taking over the votes left behind by Blake, Reba wasn't shy in naming herself due to their country connection -- even over Blake's own wife!

"I'm just gonna go for it," she teased. "Because it's gonna be split if you don't, so I think it would just be best if I get all of them."

The Voice airs Mondays at 8 p.m. PT/ET and Tuesdays at 9 p.m. PT/ET on NBC.