'The Morning Show' Sneak Peek: Julianna Margulies Reveals Laura's Complicated Past (Exclusive)

ET's exclusive preview is from season 2, episode four of 'The Morning Show.'

On Friday, The Morning Show season 2 returns with another intense episode, “Kill the Fatted Calf,” which sees a potential tabloid leak creating issues for certain members of the staff as the role for debate moderator becomes hotly contested. Ahead of episode four’s debut, ET has an exclusive sneak peek of Julianna Margulies’ character, UBA news anchor Laura Peterson, breaking down her complicated past to Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon).  

“I kept my private life to myself because I had to. It was 1997 and it was painful,” Laura says. “It sucked, but I slowly, quietly tried to live a life that was more truthful. Not with the world, but with my inner circle. But people talk. They’re fascinated by who’s gay and who’s not for some f**king reason. Next thing I know, YDA is handing me my walking papers.” 

“They fired you?” Bradley asks.  

“Of course they did,” Laura responds, referring to the competing network where she got her start. “Why would I have quit that job at that point in my career? I mean, it wasn’t explicit. They didn’t literally hand me a pink slip. But when you’re not wanted, people find a way of letting you know. And I don’t know, I have to tell you, there is something inside me that wants to resent you for not being grateful for this. I see someone who is walking the same path, honestly, a path I helped lay. And it’s a little annoying, and I’m envious. That’s it!”

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The moment comes after the two find themselves growing closer after unexpectedly kissing in the previous episode. And in the process, Bradley is slowly discovering who she is while navigating the pressures of being a public figure. 

So, when Bradley, who is struggling with her identity, comes to Laura, she reveals what she has been forced to overcome in her career, which includes professional repercussions for being gay. But in the years since, Laura has become “completely comfortable in her skin,” Margulies previously told ET. “I think she’s the only character who has no skeletons in her closet.” 

Because of that, “she’s at the top of her game and she’s watching this crazy storm of chaos flying around her,” the actress explained, adding that “she has this incredible backstory.” And now, audiences are getting to see more of that as Laura and Bradley continue to figure out their relationship.  

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