'The Morning Show': Here's How Everything Ended Before Season 3

The third season of the Apple TV+ drama series premieres on Sept. 13.

With the season 3 premiere of The Morning Show just hours away, you might be asking yourself: How did season 2 even end?

It's been nearly two years since that finale, so if your memory of that episode is a bit hazy, don't worry -- ET has you covered. Ahead of Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Greta Lee, Billy Crudup, Mark Duplass, Karen Pittman and more beloved Morning Show stars' return to our screens on Wednesday, here's a recap of where we left off with Alex Levy, Bradley Jackson, and the rest of the UBA team in the finale episode, "Fever."

COVID Crisis

As coronavirus is officially declared a pandemic in March 2020, the virus also strikes the epicenter of The Morning Show when Alex tests positive following her trip to Italy to see Mitch Kessler. Isolated and bedridden, the morning anchor suffers through painful symptoms alone in her apartment -- until Chip Black pitches a special for viewers to witness Alex battle the illness in real time. Chip proceeds to lie to Alex, claiming he also has COVID-19 so he can produce the special from inside her home. As the special goes on, Alex becomes more unfiltered about the mysteries of death and the scrutiny she's facing in the wake of Maggie Brenner's behind-the-scenes book on TMS

"I'm done apologizing for myself," she declares live on the air. "Either get on the Alex Levy train or just stay at the station."

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A Desperate Search 

The episode begins with Bradley handing out flyers as she continues to search for her missing brother, Hal.

During a phone call, Alex, who is ailing from COVID at home, scolds Bradley for not speaking out about her missing brother, urging her to either cut off her family members if that's what she wants or accept them. "Don't let your shame of what other people think run your life," Alex advises. Bradley eventually records a video for social media, asking viewers to message her with any information or to let him know she loves him if anyone sees him. 

Later on, Cory -- fresh off the cancellation of UBA+'s launch event -- declares his love for Bradley to her face, but they're interrupted by a nurse calling Bradley with information about the location of her brother. She ultimately finds him at a hospital, where he's being treated for injuries from a fight. 

As for Laura Peterson (Julianna Margulies) -- who headed to her Montana home amid the pandemic -- her calls to Bradley go unanswered. 

I Quit

With Alex locked down in her apartment with COVID, Stella tells Daniel Henderson (Desean K. Terry) to anchor TMS from home, but he rebuffs the offer, expressing his discontent with how Alex's COVID diagnosis was handled and asking if she is fired. Now, he needs to travel to Los Angeles to get his grandfather out of a nursing home without contracting the virus. 

"I'm done trying to prove myself to you," he tells her before officially quitting. 

Mia Jordan later calls Daniel while he's en route to California, asking him to come back. However, her pleas for him to return and anchor TMS are unsuccessful as he stands his ground. "I got to start building my own opportunities," he tells her. "Otherwise, I'll just keep languishing, waiting for a seat at their table when I can make a table of my own. Otherwise, we'll all just keep languishing."

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Mitch Kessler on Tape 

After Cory cancels the meeting Alex set up with Paola Lambruschini -- the documentary filmmaker Mitch met in Italy -- she walks into his office and insists that Cory watch a portion of the interview she filmed with Mitch just days before his death. In the clip, he admits to hurting Hannah Shoenfeld, whose suicide was shown in the first season. Despite running late, Cory stays to watch the documentary and compliments Paola's film, saying there may be an audience for it. Paola tells Cory she wants a job, but does not want to betray Mitch by releasing the documentary. "Mitch didn't say anything in there that doesn't make me think he wasn't... a scumbag, but maybe, maybe the very existence of your documentary and what it did for you," Cory tells her, "is a living monument for humanity's capacity for good."

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The 10-episode season kicks off on Sept. 13 with the first two episodes on Apple TV+. New episodes will be released every Wednesday through Nov. 8.