'The Bubble': See the First Trailer for Judd Apatow's Meta Pandemic Comedy

Leslie Mann, Pedro Pascal, David Duchovny and more star as the cast of lockdown production 'Cliff Beasts 6.'

As we close out the second full year of the coronavirus pandemic, many are taking stock of all the ways the world has changed as it struggled to contain and eradicate a deadly virus. And if you're Judd Apatow, what better way to do that than with a hilarious ensemble comedy?

On Friday, Netflix released the trailer for the writer-director's new film, The Bubble, a meta look at how the cast and crew of a major studio film -- in this case, the monstrously green-screened Cliff Beasts 6 -- cope with living and working under strict COVID guidelines during a locked-down production "somewhere in England."

"We are one of two movies in production right now," a studio executive, played by Kate McKinnon, notes in the trailer. "If we fail, the studio is going to go down."

Leslie Mann, Pedro PascalDavid Duchovny, Karen GillanKeegan-Michael Key, Iris Apatow and more star as the cast of the film-within-the-film, who have to put up with eccentric studio demands, PPE requirements, an outbreak of influenza and more, all while battling giant, imaginary monsters.

"This movie's gonna make the world forget about all of their problems," says the Cliff Beasts director, played by Fred Armisen, in the trailer.

The film also stars Maria Bakalova, Peter Serafinowicz, Vir Das, Rob Delaney and more. Check out the full trailer above.

The Bubble premieres April 1 on Netflix.