Sherri Shepherd Says She's Getting Breast Reduction Surgery (Exclusive)

The revelation comes just weeks after a wardrobe malfunction on her daytime talk show.

Sherri Shepherd is looking after her health when her daytime talk show goes on hiatus later this summer -- she's getting breast reduction surgery.

Speaking with ET on Tuesday ahead of Variety's Power of Women Luncheon in Midtown Manhattan, the 55-year-old Sherri host revealed she's getting breast reduction surgery due to back problems. "I think I'm getting my boobies done. I think I'm getting a little reduction because my back is starting to hurt, so that's a big one," she said when asked about her summer plans.

The revelation comes just weeks after Shepherd had an "eye-popping" wardrobe malfunction on her daytime talk show, when the pin holding her dress together to keep her chest intact popped. 

"Coming out, you know, on daytime sometimes it's too much," she said of her breasts. "So, before the doors open, Willie [her stylist] said, 'It's too much boob!'"

Shepherd then poked fun of her stylist trying to pin her dress so that her breasts pull forward.

"I keep telling him, 'It's heavy. They're going to pull it forward,'" quipped Shepherd, who iconically pointed to her breasts and said they weren't real during a guest appearance as Rhonda in season 4 of Friends.

Besides the breast reduction surgery, Shepherd said she's also "got a couple of movies" she's auditioning for.

"People keep forgetting I'm an actress," she said. "So, yes, I have an audition for a movie and I'm working on a children's book. And I'm gonna be a mother. Jeffrey needs me more before he starts school again."

Shepherd, who was among the presenters at Variety's Power of Women Luncheon, spoke about the women in her life who have influenced her and her career.

"I would say it's been Oprah, whose just like taken a loving interest in me and who will talk to me," she said. "Gayle King, who will text me. And Robin Roberts, you know, those encouraging texts to say, 'Hey, you're doing great or maybe this is where you should shift.' And, you know, when I call them and ask them for advice they're there, and it feels good to know I've got champions behind me."



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