Shakira Reveals Exactly How Her Hips Don’t Lie, Talks ‘Rough Year’ After Gerard Piqué Split

The 'BZRP Music Session Vol. 53' songstress really got into it while breaking down her trademark line.

Shakira, Shakira! The 46-year-old songstress, at long last, has revealed exactly how her hips don't lie, and the explanation drove Jimmy Fallon to euphoric levels.

During her Friday appearance on The Tonight Show, Shakira opened up about how her "BZRP Music Sessions, Vo. 53" collaboration with Argentine DJ Bizarrap came about, telling Fallon it was actually her 9-year-old son, Milan, who insisted they collaborate. 

"He has a very good ear, very good taste," said Shakira of Milan. "And he's a big Bizarrap fan. And he told me, 'Mom, you've got to collaborate with Bizarrap. You have to get on a song with Bizarrap, because you guys are gonna be number one.' And he sent a voice note to my manager, Jamie. He said, 'You got to put my mom together with Bizarrap on a song because they're gonna be number one.' And he was right."

Bizarrap said he had been thinking about collaborating with Shakira for a while, but he had no clue on how to connect with her. But when his collaboration with Spanish sensation Quevedo went viral, Bizarrap cashed in his newfound fame and mustered the strength to shoot Shakira a DM. She responded, albeit a couple of months later, and when they got together in Barcelona, he says he offered her two beats.

"It reminded me of Depeche Mode," said Shakira of her song seemingly referencing her split from Gerard Piqué after 11 years of dating. "The song, if you listen to it, it’s got a little bit of that sort of, like, cool, dark undertone. I love Depeche Mode. It’s my favorite."

Suffice it to say, when she heard Bizarrap's beat it had a profound effect on her. And her hips. 

"I started to feel it in my body, you know. I usually have this visceral sort of physical reaction to music," she explained. "And if you see me, you know, two-stepping, things are not right. You know? I know when a song works because then I suddenly start moving, like, getting these small contractions from my tailbone to my iliac bone, and then it just results into, you know, hip movements."

Fallon couldn't resist walking through the door Shakira opened. 

"Are you telling me that ... your hips don’t lie?!" Fallon quipped, to which Shakira sheepishly responded with, "Yeah. I didn’t want to go there."

Fallon damn near lost it after getting her to admit that her hips really do not lie.

"This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. This is the greatest. I can retire," Fallon exclaimed. "This is all I really wanted to know, is if, really, your hips do lie or don’t lie to you. You’re actuating telling us!"

"They don’t lie," Shakira responded. "They do not ever." 

Before performing her hit track alongside Bizarrap, Shakira also opened up about her split from the pro soccer star and how the Bizarrap collaboration served as a much-needed outlet to vent and connect with a "sisterhood" determined to triumph even in the darkest of times. 

"I’m just waiting for someone to just pinch me and wake me up from this dream. It’s unbelievable to feel the reaction from so many people," she said amid the success of her Bizarrap collaboration. "I think that people really connect to music when it’s really genuine, when it’s real, when it comes from a real place. And the thing with the song is that it has become sort of like an anthem for so many women out there."

"I’ve had a very rough year after my separation, and writing this song has been so important to me," she continued. "It’s been a healthy way to channel my emotions. And I feel that after we put out this song, I really felt that I don’t even have fans out there. I have a sisterhood of women who have been through the same things that I have been through, who think the way I think, who feel the way I feel, who had to put up with so much crap the way I had to. And I did write the song for me but also I feel that it was meant for so many women out there that needed a forum and a voice to represent them in so many ways."