See Inside David Harbour and Lily Allen's Quirky and Colorful Brooklyn Townhouse

The couple gave 'Architectural Digest' the grand tour.

David Harbour has a hilarious way of welcoming Architectural Digest into his home, and the venerable magazine's latest visit was no exception.

The Hellboy star and his wife, singer-actress Lily Allen, welcomed Architectural Digest for its Inside series. And, when he opened the front door to his and Allen's Brooklyn townhome, Harbour just couldn't help himself.

"What the hell are you doing here? I mean, last time I was single living on the Lower East Side," he says with a grin of his face. "I have a family now. Kids. I mean, this is so embarrassing. You look good though, come on in."

Harbour and Allen then proceed to give an entertaining tour of their exuberant townhouse, which features a Billy Cotton-designed "plain English" kitchen and media room with eclectic designs. The late-19th-century brownstone is a beauty, and the focal point starts and ends with the kitchen.

The Stranger Things star jokes that, when he went on his first date with Allen, she told him she wanted a plain English kitchen.

“I kinda liked it," says Harbour about her boldness.

The couple says the kitchen isbased on the Godfather movies, in that it's what draws everyone in.

"The fact of the matter is this particular neighborhood in Brooklyn is an old Italian neighborhood and we liked the idea of incorporating that aesthetic," Harbour says.

Allen calls the kitchen the "engine of the house," and for good reason. She says it's where her kids do their homework, she cooks and everyone gathers around. 

They specifically wanted to make the kitchen the focal point, and underscored the notion with an elegant chandelier hanging from a ceiling with sophisticated molding.

"This house was designed for three women in my life who I love dearly, but I got several things that were just mine, the coffee station is one," Harbour says.

There's also the garden room, which features a double-sided sofa and hand-painted flowery wallpaper. It's the room where the family sits around to play board games or read books.

The couple's bedroom is tucked in an area where there are no windows, and pocket doors help keep every ounce of light out. It's how Harbour likes to sleep, no natural light. 

Allen's closet is bigger than the bedroom area, while Harbour's closet is a bit smaller, though it still includes a desk and a framed photo of himself as the titular character Hellboy.

The media room is a head-turner with wall-to-wall tiger-print carpet and a huge tiger-print couch with a tiger-print ottoman. Last but not least is the outdoors, where Harbour says he spends a lot of time, thanks to a Finnish sauna on one end of the patio and a cold plunge pool just a hop, skip and a jump away.

Architectural Digest last visited Harbour three years ago at his Manhattan loft.

Harbour and Allen tied the knot in September 2020 in Las Vegas.