'Scandal' Star Darby Stanchfield Gives Hilarious Advice to Press Secretary Jen Psaki

Darby Stanchfield Jen Psaki
Michael Desmond/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images - Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The actress portrayed the White House Press Secretary on the ABC series.

Darby Stanchfield is sharing her knowledge with Press Secretary Jen Psaki. The former Scandal star hilariously offered her advice to the newly-appointed White House official, after portraying the same role in the ABC series from 2012 to 2018.

Stanchfield, also known as Press Secretary Abby Whelan on Scandal, posted a still from the show, along with one of Psaki.

"Dear Press Secretary Psaki," she began. "#1- If your boss forgets your name, slap a name tag on. (Fitz called me 'Gabby' for WEEKS. 😩) #2- Don’t get power hungry & try to get your friend killed. It won’t go well.😳 #3- No such thing as too much hairspray. Ever. 💨."

"Best, 'Red' aka Sassy Abby Whelan," she concluded.

Kerry Washington, who starred as Olivia Pope, couldn't help but leave heart-eye emojis on Instagram and retweet the post.

In a separate tweet, Stanchfield added, "Oops, I forgot one. (Thank you @oocscandal.) #4 — no crying."

Scandal fans, known as Gladiators, couldn't help but reply and share the actress' post, reminiscing about the ABC drama.

Earlier this week, Tony Goldwyn -- AKA President Fitzgerald Grant -- was on hand to host President Joe Biden's virtual Inauguration Day parade.

"I gotta tell you, I played a president on TV a few years ago," he said at the top of the Parade Across America broadcast, "And I never got a parade from Shonda Rhimes anything like the one you're going to see today."

Psaki was named the White House press secretary for the Biden administration in November. She held her first press briefing on Jan 20, after the inauguration.

Relive more moments from Inauguration Day in the video below.