Sabrina Carpenter References Barry Keoghan's 'Saltburn' Bathwater Scene During Coachella Set

Carpenter tweaked the lyrics to her 2022 hit 'Nonsense' to pay tribute to her rumored boyfriend.

We see you, Sabrina Carpenter!

The 24-year-old singer referenced  Barry Keoghan's Saltburn bathwater scene in her "Nonsense" outro while performing Friday at the 2024 Coachella Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California. Carpenter's been known to tweak the lyrics of her outro while on tour with Taylor Swift, and she did it again in a nod to her rumored boyfriend.

Carpenter's original "Nonsense" outro goes, "This song catchier than chickenpox is / I bet your house is where my other sock is / Woke up this morning, thought I'd write a pop hit / How quickly can you take your clothes off? / Pop quiz."

For Coachella, Carpenter went, "Man his knees so weak he had to spread mine / He's drinkin' my bathwater like it's red wine / Coachella, see you back here when I headline."

The bathwater line is in reference to Keogna's bathtub scene in which his character, Oliver, drinks bathwater left behind by Jacob Elordi's Felix character in the Emerald Fennell-directed thriller/comedy. The bathtub scene became so infamous it even spawned a bathwater candle

In any event, it's the closest Carpenter's seemingly confirmed her romance with the 31-year-old actor. Just last weekend during Carpenter's Coachella debut, Keoghan was spotted playing the role of Instagram boyfriend as he worked hard to get Carpenter's best angles.

Carpenter and Keoghan have been flirty on Instagram and they've been spotted together at an Oscars party in Beverly Hills, California, but their Coachella gestures is as close as they've ever gotten to all but confirm their romance.

Not to mention he also sported a "Sabrina" friendship bracelet at a couple of Hollywood parties while Carpenter served as the opening act on Swift's Eras Tour in Singapore.