Robert Pattinson Jokes It's 'Really, Really Weird' That He's Playing Batman (Exclusive)

The 35-year-old actor also called the whole experience 'surreal.'

It's still surreal to Robert Pattinson that he's Batman. Turns out, his inner circle also find it "really, really weird."

The 35-year-old actor spoke to ET's Rachel Smith at Tuesday night's premiere of The Batman at the Lincoln Center in New York City and the actor almost couldn't find the words to describe what it all meant to him.

“It’s so surreal," he said. "I mean, it’s like, it’s literally … I was just texting somebody earlier, ‘I’m going to the Batman premiere tonight’ and they're like, ‘Don’t you find it really weird that you’re Batman?’ I’m like, yeah. It’s really, really weird."

Pattinson revealed Tuesday night's premiere is the first time he's seeing the Matt Reeves-directed film with an audience. Nervous?

"Kind of," Pattinson admits. "I mean, I've had enough people tell me they like it, so I'm hoping it'll go really well."

Truth be told, it's not like Pattinson doesn't have the experience on his resume to prove he can spearhead a massive franchise. That being said, Pattinson admits it's "been a while" since he's been part of a project that was "really, really hyped like this." Pattinson fans don't need a reminder that the final Twilight film was released back in 2012.

As far as preparing for the role, Pattinson said it was less about actively looking to make his own mark and more about that "feeling."

“The script is really, really solid," Pattinson explained. "I thought I had an idea of how to do it from the script, but I just started reading tons of the graphic novels — I didn’t really grow up on comics — and I kind of realized there was just a feeling. Even though they kind of change through genres and tone, there’s a specific Batman feeling that really started to connect to me. It was quite organic. I wasn’t particularly thinking, ‘Oh, this is how I wanna do it.' It's just kind of what came out."

When asked about wearing George Clooney's Batman suit from the 1997 Batman and Robin film for his own audition, Pattinson told ET what it felt like slipping on the iconic suit.

"A little tight," he quipped. "I'm very familiar with his body shape now."

Pattinson spoke to ET's Nischelle Turner last week that he's open to doing a sequel to The Batman.

"I was talking to Matt about it yesterday, and it's funny because he keeps saying he’s got ideas," Pattinson says of starring as Bruce Wayne in another Batman movie. "There's so much I love. I'm just so proud of the movie and it would be so fun to do it again."

The Batman, also starring Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright and John Turturro, hits theaters on March 4.



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