'RHONY' Season 12 Reunion Teases Plenty of Socially Distanced Screaming

rhony season 12 reunion

The new look at Bravo's first in-person reunion in months proves that six feet isn't far enough to prevent a housewife fight.

The Real Housewives of New York City are reuniting to look back at all the drama from season 12 in a three-part reunion special, and we're more than ready for all the in-person antics!

Bravo released a teaser clip from their first in-person reunion show in months on Thursday, which shows the RHONY cast and Andy Cohen sitting six feet apart, but plenty close enough for tears, teases and, of course, a healthy dose of socially distanced screaming.

Dorinda Medley -- who recently announced that she was leaving the show after season 12 -- gets a few spotlighted moments in the teaser, hinting that she's got a new man in her life and addressing her feud with Tinsley Mortimer, who left the show midseason.

While Dorinda insists that she's apologized for the way she treated Tinsley, her former co-star says the mea culpa was "way too little, too late."

And then, everyone turns on Ramona Singer.

Dorinda comes after the OG NYC housewife for her partying, claiming, "Ramona is out every single night drinking."

"I drink water!" Ramona fires back. "Why do you think I'm thin?"

"You're not that thin," Dorinda sneers.

Even Sonja Morgan gets in on the action, standing up at one point to declare, "STFU!" though it's unclear exactly why.

But the most dramatic moments are reserved for the RHONY cast's criticism of their co-star's behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ramona announced she and her 25-year-old daughter, Avery, had tested positive for coronavirus antibodies -- meaning they had the virus at some point -- after the pair traveled to quarantine with Ramona's ex-huband, Mario Singer, in Boca Raton, before returning to NYC.

"People are dying!" Leah McSweeney accuses her co-star in the clip.

"I followed the rules in Florida and I was allowed to come back, b**ch!" Ramona snaps, before starting to chant, "I don't wear masks in the ocean!" until Cohen screams at her to stop.

Check out all the drama to come in the trailer below. 

Leah recently spoke with ET following her first season on the show, and offered some teases about what fans can expect from the tense reunion -- which she noted was an emotionally fraught experience from the start.

"Like, the fighting started happening before I even -- when it was just time for us to talk about what we were wearing, it already started," she recalled of shooting the three-part special. "I'm like, this is crazy. Is this supposed to be going on right now?"

The rookie housewife also addressed the drama that she had with Ramona during the season, saying she let the veteran reality star "break" her in season 12, something she won't let happen again. 

"Watching, in hindsight, I actually let Ramona get away with so much," she noted. "I mean, albeit, it was my first season. I'm trying to navigate [things], I'm trying to be respectful. I'm trying to also be me. So, I feel like that's never going to happen again."

Between shooting the season, reliving it while it aired and taping the reunion, Leah said she understands her co-star a lot better, but adds that she "won't be holding back as much [in the future], let's put it that way."

"In terms of the conflict with Ramona, I will say this: I'm a person that doesn't really hold grudges," Leah offers. "I believe in forgiveness. I believe in atonement. I believe in owning up to my own stuff, and I'm all about the resolution, so we'll see what happens."

ET also recently spoke with RHONY star Luann de Lesseps, who weighed in on some of the partying allegations that seem to come up again during the reunion.

"A lot of the women -- and I'm not naming names -- need to be more careful and more aware," Luann said of the group's alcohol intake. "I think it's time to check in with yourself. I'm not giving any advice to anybody on those terms, because that's going to fall flat coming from me."

"You know, I just take it day by day and I do the best that I can do for myself," she added. "But I feel like we could definitely reel in on the drinking part."

See more in the video below.

The three-part Real Housewives of New York City reunion airs Sept. 10, 17 and 24 at 9 p.m. PT/ET on Bravo.