Quinta Brunson Reveals the One Thing She'll Never Do Again After 'Abbott Elementary' Is Over

The 'Abbott Elementary' creator, star, writer, and showrunner opens up about her plans after the series' run.

Quinta Brunson has had plenty of time to think about her future while marching the picket line with the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and SAG-AFTRA since the writers' strike began on May 2.

The Abbott Elementary creator, who has written, starred in, and executive-produced the ABC mega-hit, has returned to the writing room after the end of the Writers Guild of America's strike last month, but shooting season 3 will have to wait until SAG-AFTRA reaches a deal with industry CEOs as well. But as Brunson tells Glamour in a recent interview celebrating the outlet's first-ever global Women of the Year honorees, her time away from sitcom series has provided insight into what she wants to pursue after the series' run.

"Another thing about this time period was my brain got the space to really think about other projects because there's no room in there while Abbott is happening. And I'm really excited for what I'm going to do after Abbott," Brunson, 33, shares. "I know for a fact I'll never star in a show again, that I write. Never again."

Brunson concedes that she can "never say never," but is adamant that she won't be starring in anything she writes anytime in the future. "[It's] Too much. Too, too much, will never do that again," she declares. The showrunner adds that she loves her work on Abbott but has no plans to do it again. 

When describing how she juggles the multiple hats she wears on Abbott's production, Brunson explains she had to "pull back" when going into season 2.

"Our first season was only 13 episodes, and we created those 13 episodes before the show aired. Second season, I had to learn how to pull back a little bit because we filmed 22 episodes, which started airing while we were writing and filming. I couldn't be in every place at once, so I had to pick and choose my battles," the Golden Globe winner tells Glamour.

She adds, "This season I'll have to learn where I need to be and when. It's an ever-changing process. But I think now I'm going to put a little bit more emphasis on taking time to relax because I can't say that I have done that for the first two seasons. I have to learn how to also say yes and no to things."

"I'm more of a Barbara this year. I'm more about saving the energy this year," Brunson quips.


While the experience is an unforgettable one, it's one that the Emmy winner is not looking to repeat once the show has ended. "I'm in it. I love it right now, but I'm like, 'Never again.' And then I really want to produce a show that I'm not in, that I'm really excited about, so hopefully, I get to get that in motion soon," she shares.

Brunson reveals that the idea for said show is already "fully formed." 

She explains, "It's a coming-of-age story, so about a younger girl. I know an idea is something I really want to do and is good when I'm thinking about it without thinking about it. That's how Abbott was for years. It was just sitting in the back of my brain."

Abbott Elementary was renewed for season 3 in January, several months before the series aired its second season finale in April. 

While the writers are hard at work for the upcoming season, a premiere date hasn't been announced as actors remain on strike amid negotiations between SAG-AFTRA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP).

Wednesday marked the 111th day since SAG began its work stoppage after talks broke down on July 12.

According to Variety, SAG-AFTRA told its members on Nov. 1 that the union presented a counterproposal on artifcial intelligence issues that have been a key sticking point in the contract talks that preceded the work stoppage that began July 14. It also said the union is awaiting the full response from the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers on the "comprehensive counter proposal" the union presented on Oct. 28.

"The Negotiating Committee met today to discuss and finalize our response to the AMPTP AI counter-proposal which we received yesterday," SAG-AFTRA's negotiating committee wrote in its message to members. "The negotiators then met with AMPTP representatives for more than three hours this afternoon and evening to present and review our revised proposal. We continue to await the AMPTP's response to our comprehensive counter proposal package which we gave them on Saturday, addressing outstanding issues."