Q&A: 'Big Brother's Kyle Capener Says He's 'Shocked' By His Elimination (Exclusive)

Kyle was sent packing Thursday after a 5-0 vote.

Big Brother's Kyle Capener got the boot by a vote of 5-0 after he started spouting off about how he was suspicious of the BIPOC players. And yet, Kyle says he's "shocked" by the eviction, but vows to learn from the racism scandal.

Things quickly went downhill for Kyle after he told Michael Burner and Brittany Hoopes that BIPOC players were secretly joining together along race lines, though there was no such evidence to support the theory. After word spreads around the house, Kyle's fate is sealed.

He tells ET that his "generalized thoughts" had no place in the game and takes full responsibility for his actions. He also said he wants to "continue learning and growing and continuing this journey outside of the house."

ET: You were recently seen laughing saying how well you thought you were doing. Then, it all came crashing down. How shocked are you to be sitting here right now and what do you think was the main reason for your downfall?

Kyle Capener: I am very shocked that I am sitting here right now because at the first of the week I felt like I was in a good spot. But, obviously, with some of the comments that I had made earlier in the game, that is definitely the reason why I am here now. I accept that 100 percent, and I look forward to this journey moving forward and continuing to learn and grow as a person.

You frequently brought up concerns about "The Cookout 2.0." Why were you so concerned about this? What made you think this, especially since some of these houseguests you were concerned about were actually supposed to an alliance with you.

KC: I made some generalized thoughts early in the game and mid-game that definitely had no grounds and no place in the game, which are unfortunate. I have talked with multiple individuals this past week, and they have been so open and understanding in helping me learn. And, again, I take full responsibility in moving forward and continuing this journey of learning and growing as a person.

A lot of things transpired in the house this week. You were accused of racist behavior, there was a big house meeting. Lots of emotions overall. Who and what do you most want to apologize for?

KC: Definitely just the house guests as a whole. Those who were affected, as well as Michael and Brittney who I put in that position. They have all been so open and honest with me and have helped me understand why these things affected them so deeply.

You bragged about creating The Leftovers and then threw it all away for your showmance with Alyssa. Why? Did you ruin your chances of winning Big Brother because of her?

KC: I may have ruined my chances because of Alyssa, but I would do it all again. Later in the game, my relationship with Alyssa was the number one priority and the game kind of seemed to be second place at that point. But she's amazing, like, can you really blame me?

What do you think you learned most about what happened and, overall, from being in the Big Brother house? How will this experience make you grow?

KC: I have learned that the people in the house are amazing. That I had some generalized thoughts that were definitely unfounded, and moving forward I have to be the one to take responsibility and continue learning and growing and continuing this journey outside of the house.

Season 24 of Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on CBS.



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