Pregnant 'Jersey Shore' Star Deena Cortese Reveals Name of Second Child

Deena Cortese
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

The reality star has picked out a name for baby No. 2.

Deena Cortese is sharing the name she's picked out for baby No. 2! The pregnant Jersey Shore star revealed on Instagram on Saturday that she's named her second child Cameron Theo Buckner. 

Cortese and her husband, Christopher Buckner, are already parents to son Christopher John "CJ" Buckner, who turns 2 in January. 

"20 weeks today 🤰🏻 20 weeks on left with Cameron Theo Buckner 💙 20 weeks on right with Christopher John Buckner 💙," Cortese captioned photos from her pregnancies. 

As the reality star explained, this pregnancy has felt "super different" from her first. "I feel like I can already feel our little Cameron’s personality," she shared. 

"With CJ From the moment I was pregnant he made it known he was in there .. sick from the moment I found out until around week 15 .. after week 15 he didn’t go unnoticed he was kicking me and letting me know .. hey I’m in here ! And as you all know CJ is a little riot with super energy and a little ham," she wrote. 

On the other hand, with Cameron, Cortese has days she'd forget she was pregnant. "A little tired ..but for the most part super normal," she described. 

"I just started feeling him this past week .. but he’s very calm in there lol .. some days I get nervous so I throw my home Doppler on and boom there he is .. heart beating at a strong 145-150.. but then it’s like he realized and he moves .. haha," she continued. "I feel like Cameron might be more like his daddy and be more calm and to himself .. but who knows !!" 

"This Tuesday I’ll be going for my Anatomy exam.. so praying all goes well and the rest of this pregnancy will be smooth sailing 🙏🏼 #boymom," Cortese concluded. 

Cortese revealed in October that she was expecting her second child. See more on the Jersey Shore family in the video below.