Pierce Brosnan Throws a Little Shade at Daniel Craig's Last James Bond Movie

Pierce Brosnan, who played 007 himself, raved about 'Skyfall' -- but not so much for 'No Time to Die.'

Pierce Brosnan, the handsome action star and former James Bond, seemingly offered pointed criticism of Daniel Craig's last outing as the famed superspy.

During an interview with GQ that also involved his sons Dylan, 25, and Paris, 21, Brosnan shared his thoughts on Craig's final film as Bond, No Time to Die. The 69-year-old actor, who made his debut as 007 in 1995's GoldenEye, was asked who should play the next James Bond.

According to the fashion magazine, his tone suggested he actually wasn't interested in who that man should be ("I don't care," were his exact words before adding, "Whoever he be, I wish him well."). And that's when he chimed in about which Bond films starring Craig he's watched.

"I saw the last one," he says, "and I saw Skyfall. I love Skyfall. I'm not too sure about the last one." There was a pause before he noted, "Daniel always gives of his heart. Very courageous, very strong. But ..." Brosnan trails off, never finishing the thought.

It's obviously unclear why Brosnan -- who dubbed Sean Connery as the "greatest James Bond" ever following Connery's death in October 2020 -- seemingly didn't care for No Time to Die.

Danielle Levitt/GQ

But while he didn't expand on his apparent disdain for No Time to Die, the actor did give his approval when ET recently asked him about rumors surrounding Regé-Jean Page as being the next James Bond.

"Good luck," Brosnan told ET. "I think he would be wonderful."

Bond producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli told ET that the search for the next James Bond hasn't begun just yet. 

"Not at the moment," Broccoli told ET when asked if the search was underway. "Right now, we're celebrating the 60th anniversary, which is a big event for us, and then we'll go into the beginning of next year, we’ll start talking about the trajectory of the films and how we're gonna do it and then we'll go around into the casting."

It's not an easy feat to find an actor who's both capable and willing to take on the "life-changing" role, Wilson noted.

"He has to sign on for four or five films, so it takes a huge commitment. Not all the actors are ready and willing to do it," he said. "Daniel, it took him a long time to figure out that he had come and do it."

Broccoli agreed, even quoting Brosnan, who once stated, "More people have walked on the moon than have played this character."

"When you think about it in those terms," she said, "it’s quite daunting."



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