Paris Hilton Shares Update on Her Missing Dog Diamond Baby: 'I Know She's Alive Out There'

Paris Hilton
Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty Images

Paris Hilton is holding on to hope as she continues the search for her missing dog. 

After revealing last month that one of her pets, Diamond Baby, went missing, the mogul took to social media on Monday with an update on her efforts to find her beloved dog. 

"I miss my Diamond Baby so much it hurts!" Hilton wrote on her Instagram Story. "I know she’s alive out there somewhere! Please spread the word and help bring my bb girl home."

While the heiress is offering $10,000 for the safe return of Diamond Baby or information on her whereabouts, Hilton admitted she wanted to raise the price to get her pup back. 

"For those of you asking, I was about to raise price of reward to a crazy number but my security team said not to because that would put my other dogs & myself in dangers as they might become targets for some sick creep that might try and kidnap them for reward," she explained. "Sad to me that we even have to worry about something like that but unfortunately there are some real messed up people in this world."

In the meantime, the star has enlisted the help of some unique specialists, including multiple pet mediums. "I have spoken to 7 credible pet mediums/communicators that all say she is alive & that someone has her. So that gives me hope And at this point Hope is the only thing getting through," she said. "Please keep an eye out for my little girl & if you know someone who has her, please have a heart and contact me and you will receive the full reward. Thank you."

Hilton previously shared that she was enlisting the help of a pet detective, a dog whisperer, a pet psychic "and looking into dog finding drones now."

More than a week after the animal went missing, Hilton expressed just how much losing her dog has affected her. "This has been on of the most painful experiences of my life. My heart is broken," she wrote. "I miss her so much and feel like part of me is gone without her next to me."


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