NFL Kicker Channels 'Better Call Saul' in Hilarious Pro Bowl Campaign -- Watch!

Cameron Dicker

It's Cameron Dicker's hope that spoofing ambulance-chasing lawyers will boost his chances at making the Pro Bowl.

Cameron Dicker's quest to make the Pro Bowl now includes a hilarious campaign that'll have you kicking.

The Los Angeles Chargers kicker launched his campaign Wednesday in hopes of driving fans to vote him into this year's Pro Bowl Game. Not only does he have the stats to back up his push (he's nailed 19 of 20 field goals in yet another disappointing season for the Chargers) but he's also rolled out a campaign that'll make Bob Odenkirk proud.

In the video, Dicker spoofs your typical ambulance-chasing lawyer. You've seen those commercials, mostly aired weekdays during the day or in between football games on the weekend. Dicker, a second-year veteran from the University of Texas at Austin, channeled his inner Better Call Saul persona and made his pitch.

"You ever been beaten by a missed field goal?" Dicker asks. "My name is Cameron Dicker and I'll kick for you."

Dicker, dressed in a suit, then busts out some karate moves and throws down the gauntlet.

"Fifty, 40, 30. Doesn't matter," he proclaims. I'll make it!"

For good measure, Dicker enlists his quarterback, Justin Herbert, to help him out. 

"Don't believe me? Ask him," Dicker says.

The video then cuts to spliced video of Herbert uttering "Cameron Dicker is a really good kicker. He's outstanding, and I love him."

"And I did not edit that!" Dicker then insists.

In any event, Dicker's hoping this last-ditch effort will help him secure his first-ever spot in the upcoming Pro Bowl Game, where NFL stars get voted in with the help of fans. Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is the top vote-getter so far. For those wondering, Taylor Swift's boyfriend, Travis Kelce, is at No. 5 with nearly 40,000 votes, as of Dec. 6.

"So don't be a d**k and let me kick for you at the Pro Bowl," he says.

The video has since gone viral, but Dicker's still got some catching up to do, as Cleveland Browns kicker Dustin Hopkins holds the AFC's spot with the most votes so far at that position. The final day fans can vote is Christmas Day, then NFL players and coaches cast their votes Dec. 29.