Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford Featured in Apple TV's 'Super Models' Docuseries

Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington
Apple TV+

The four iconic models will revisit their iconic careers in the upcoming docuseries. 

Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington are turning back time as the four sit down in front of the camera to revisit their iconic careers for the docuseries, The Super Models. Ahead of the four-part series' September release, Apple TV+ debuted a brief teaser of them preparing to open up like never before. 

According to the streaming platform, the four will take viewers "beyond the catwalk, revealing how they dominated the elite modeling world while illuminating a bond that single-handedly shifted the power dynamic of an entire industry."

Promising unprecedented access to Campbell, Crawford, Evangelista and Turlington, The Super Models will travel back to the 1980s, after each woman became a force in their own right to show how they came together to transcend the industry itself. 

Of course, it was then that they were simply known as Naomi, Cindy, Linda and Christy and were as prominent -- and as dominant -- as the designers who dressed them. 

The Super Models will also show how the four have remained "on the frontlines of culture through activism, philanthropy and business prowess" and how their roles within the ever-changing industry have evolved as they continue to pave the way for those to follow.

Directed by Academy Award winner Roger Ross Williams and Larissa Bills, The Super Models is produced for Apple TV+ by Imagine Documentaries and One Story Up, with executive producers Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Sara Bernstein, Justin Wilkes, Barbara Kopple, Roger Ross Williams and Geoff Martz, along with the four icons, Campbell, Crawford, Evangelista and Turlington Burns.

The Super Models premieres Sept. 20 on Apple TV+.