Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino and Wife Lauren on 'Still Trying' for Kids After Miscarriage (Exclusive)

ET sat down with the couple on Monday.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and his wife, Lauren, are still hopeful about starting a family. 

During an exclusive interview with ET's Kevin Frazier in New York City on Monday, the couple opened up about healing from their recent miscarriage and how they plan to move forward. 

"We're doing OK," Lauren shares. "[Mike] leads our family by example, with going through our past tragedies and trying to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off. I looked at him lost when this happened, like, 'I don't know what to do, I don't know how to recover from this.' And he just kept doing the next right thing. You get ready for the day. You're just one day at a time, and we're almost a month later, and I'm doing a lot better."

Mike and Lauren first revealed their miscarriage during an appearance on Strahan, Sara & Keke last week. Lauren revealed that they conceived the night Mike returned home from prison on Sept. 12, and then roughly six-and-half weeks later, she miscarried. 

"We had no experience in dealing with this particular situation. We kind of relied on our faith and we looked at each other for support, and I said, 'Honey, we've been through some rough situations in life, prison, addiction. What did we do?' And pretty much what we did was we picked ourselves up, we dusted ourselves off, and went right back to the basics," Mike tells ET. 

"We're still trying [to have kids]," Lauren says. 

"We're going to keep trying," Mike agrees with a smile, adding: "We can't wait until that happens, and we're very excited to start that chapter, and we're moving forward." 

For now, the couple is focusing on their work with Banyan Treatment Centers. Mike, who is celebrating four years of sobriety, is a recovery advocate for the organization. 

"I pretty much turned a negative situation into a positive situation. We are turning four years clean and sober right now, and in doing that, we are celebrating, and we are partnering with Banyan Treatment Centers to spread awareness of the disease of addiction and substance abuse," he says. "More often than not, you hear the negative stories in active addiction. I'm here to shed light on the positive ones. The comeback is greater than the setback, and in fact, we do recover. You're looking at it right now."

Mike, who was addicted to prescription drugs, says getting sober was "one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life." 

"I was in the trenches with him," Lauren shares. "It was challenging. It was fighting him against himself. It was his own behaviors, and it was just really challenging, and I just relied on my faith to help him show him the light within himself. ... I couldn't do it for him."

"He is the man I always knew he was inside of him. It's just, he finally believed in himself enough to be that person for 100 percent of the time," she explains. 

Mike says his rock bottom moment occurred when he went to treatment for the third time. "I had ended up in treatment for a third time, and I felt in myself, 'How did I get here? I never want to end up here again.' And I made a promise with myself right then and there that I would do whatever it takes, put all hands on deck, no excuses, take the suggestions of the professionals and really, really fight this thing," he remembers. "And that's when I got the results."

If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction or substance abuse, please call 1-888-270-5712. 


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