Meghan Markle, Christina Applegate and More Stars Honored With 2023 Gracie Award

The Duchess of Sussex has been named among the 2023 winners of a Gracie Award.

Meghan Markle is receiving a high honor for her work amplifying women's voices. 

On Thursday, the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation announced the Duchess of Sussex as one of more than 100 winners of a 2023 Gracie Award. Markle -- who is being recognized for her headline-making podcast, Archetypes -- is in esteemed company, winning along with fellow stars like Christina Applegate, Ava DuVernay, Faith Hill, Amanda Seyfried and many more content creators spanning radio, television and digital. 

"This year's theme, 'Storytelling,' highlights and celebrates the narratives shared by the winners, which not only inform, inspire, and captivate audiences, but also enrich our collective comprehension of the world," a press release stated. It was also announced that the foundation will honor Showtime's The First Lady with the Grand Award, which "signifies a distinct level of achievement, acknowledging the extraordinary talent, dedication, and production involved in creating these exceptional pieces."

“As we close out Women's History Month, it is important to remember the legacy of Gracie Allen, the inspiration behind these esteemed awards. This year's recipients exemplify Gracie Allen's spirit through their exceptional talent, innovation, and vision," AWMF President Becky Brooks said in a statement. "Their steadfast dedication to their craft and their tenacious resolve to break boundaries serve as a compelling testament to the essential role women play in molding the cultural landscape. We eagerly anticipate celebrating their outstanding accomplishments."

This year's award recipients will be honored at a ceremony in Los Angeles on May 23, followed by a luncheon for local and student award winners in June.