Meg Ryan's Worst Date Might Make You Feel Better About Your Own

The queen of rom-coms shared a few candid words about the reality of dating.

Meg Ryan has made a career of characters steering through the windy world of dating on the big screen. Turns out, behind the scenes, she's still figuring it out herself. 

As Glamour's newest cover star, the actress, famous for her roles in such hits as When Harry Met Sally and You've Got Mail, got candid about her own struggles in the dating department. Of figuring out romantic relationships, the 62-year-old screen icon says, "It’s just as ridiculous as ever."

"I don’t think anyone ever gets good at it," Ryan, who was previously married to Dennis Quaid and engaged to John Mellencamp, says. "Maybe people do. I don't."

And while a lot has happened since this memory, Ryan has not forgotten one of her own dating gaffes. "I went on a date in college where he took me on a motorcycle ride all over northern Connecticut and Massachusetts. It was great. We ended up having dinner, and when we rode back to my dorm room, I was like, ‘I had the greatest time, Phil.’ And his name was something like Bob," she tells Glamour. "I never heard from him again."

Despite the blunder, Ryan reflects on it with fondness. "I had it all wrong," she says, "but it was fun."

Much like she guided women through their twenties and thirties as a rom-com beacon, she's imparting some needed advice as she navigates a new decade. "Our culture is so obsessed with youth," she says. “As an old person now, I love my age. I love where I’m at."

Adds Ryan, "Aging is not that terrifying. We’re all doing it. I wish someone had told me earlier, 'Just relax. It is what it is. Don’t pay attention to the obstacles.'"



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