'Making the Cut' Judge Jeremy Scott Loses It Over Lackluster Designs in New Sneak Peek (Exclusive)

The fashion designer lets his disappointment be known in Friday's new episode.

Making the Cut judge Jeremy Scott makes his opinion very clear on this Friday's episode, after he felt the designers collectively put out lackluster designs for the latest challenge.

In ET's exclusive sneak peek from the episode, titled "Festival Wear," the fashion designer is visibly upset over their disappointing work and makes it known that he expected a lot more from them.

The challenge called for the remaining designers to create two festival wear outfits to unveil at an outdoor, desert runway. After an impressive team challenge in the previous episode, expectations are high with Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, along with Scott and Nicole Richie setting a high bar for creativity and execution. But, as the clip reveals, the designers' final looks leave the judges speechless -- and not in a good way. 

"You really left us with nothing," Scott says during his critique of Swiss designer Yannik Zamboni. "So yes, I'm pissed off! It's frustrating! All the accessible look was s**t. It was unrealistic or not well-made."

"It was awful... for all of you, all of you," he continues, not holding back. "Do you want to know what I wrote in my book about these looks?" The 47-year-old designer flipped through his notebook, before throwing it on the ground. "Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!" Klum, who was sitting next to Scott confirms that the pages were blank: "Like literally, nothing."

"I wrote nothing about anything because I was so uninspired. That's how I felt," Scott angrily declares. "It was a waste. It was a waste."

Ahead of the season, Klum and Gunn acknowledged Scott's fiery reaction.

“These designers have the possibility of winning a million dollars and they also have the possibility with each assignment to get a winning look, which then gets produced and people can shop it, so when you have a missed opportunity,” Klum told ET, referring to the fact that Amazon makes certain looks available as capsule collections immediately following each episode. 

“So, Jeremy got upset. He didn’t understand why this particular designer would throw away such a big chance at having a winning look or possibly being kicked off and not getting that million dollars, because your odds of getting that million dollars is pretty good when there’s only 10 designers,” she explained, noting that Scott or “anyone who gets this loud, this angry cares about that person.”  

New episodes of Making the Cut drop Fridays on Prime Video.