Lizzo, Jack Black and Christopher Lloyd Make Surprise Cameos on 'The Mandalorian' Season 3

The Mandalorian Season 3

The 'Star Wars' spinoff continues to add to the list of unexpected guest stars who have breezed through the series.

After surprise appearances made by Jar Jar Binks performer Ahmed Best and Tim Meadows, The Mandalorian packed in the star power during the season 3 episode, "Guns for Hire." 

In the chapter written by creator Jon Favreau and directed by Bryce Dallas Howard, there was not just one -- but three cameos made by the likes of Lizzo, Jack Black and Christopher Lloyd. Not only that, but all three performers even squared off in a scene together as The Duchess (Lizzo), Captain Bombardier (Black) and Commissioner Helgait (Lloyd). 

After a search for Bo-Katan's (Katee Sackhoff) old crew led her and Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) led them to the planet, Plazir-15, they immediately encountered its leaders, Bombardier and Duchess, before eventually getting into a political squabble about droids with the planet's security officer, Helgait. 

While fans were delighted by the unexpected cameos, it was a scene with the true star of The Mandalorian, Grogu, that shook the internet. As one fan quipped, "'Baby Yoda gets knighted by Lizzo and Jack Black' was not on my 2023 bingo card." 

The latest appearances in season 3 join a growing list of surprise guest stars on the Star Wars series. Since season 1, Taika Waititi, John Leguizamo, Titus Welliver, Horatio Sanz, Adam Pally and Jason Sudeikis have all appeared onscreen or made voice cameos while Deadwood stars W. Earl Brown and Timothy Olyphant were reunited at one point.