Law Roach Reveals Zendaya's Pinky Promise When She Was 13 and Talks Growing Together (Exclusive)

The famed stylist spoke to ET at the Met Gala on Monday in New York City.

Zendaya and Law Roach's relationship can be defined in many ways. Friends. Collaborators. Family. But perhaps these three words fully encapsulate their decade-plus partnership -- ride or die.

The famed celebrity stylist spoke to ET's Rachel Smith in New York City nearly 24 hours after he styled Zendaya -- not once, not twice, but three times -- for the 2024 Met Gala, and he walked down memory lane a bit recalling how they fortified the relationship everyone sees between them today.

"So, we made a pinky promise together when I met her when she was 13 that we would, I would do everything to support and to help her grow, and as she grew she would take me with her and that's exactly what she did," Roach shared with ET. "She kept her promise and I kept my promise to her, and we grew up together."

Roach, 45, and Zendaya, 27, have become so close, they can affectionately refer to themselves in familial terms.

"She's my annoying little sister sometimes, and I think I'm her annoying big brother sometimes," he quipped. "And you know, it just feels good. Like you said, loyalty in this industry isn't ... you don't see that that often. But it really is just family at this point."

Zendaya's no stranger to turning heads. Just ask Tom Holland. But she seriously took things to the nth degree, first when she slipped out of her edgy, peacock-inspired Maison Margiela gown and into a Rita Watnick special. She dazzled in a third look -- hitting the stage as co-chair of the Met Gala with a custom gown from Celia Kritharioti. The form-fitting dress featured a plunging neckline and intricate beadwork that included tiny flowers. 

Everyone around the world watching had to have been stunned watching the Euphoria star slipping into a second gown so quickly, and Roach said all the credit in the world goes to none other than Anna Wintour, Vogue's editor in chief and the architect behind the Met Gala.

"I have to give a lot of credit to Anna Wintour and the team at Vogue, and also the staff and the team at the Met," Roach said. "They were very generous and kind to kind of listen to our story. I pleaded the story as like, 'We just want to tell the story of fashion and celebrate John Galliano's work through the years,' and I think the story was convincing so they gave us a little room and we went in and took off the first look and changed the makeup a little bit ... so, it was her and her makeup artist, Raul, and they gave us some time and came back out and then we closed the carpet."