Lauren Jauregui and Steve Aoki Release Entrancing New Song 'All Night' -- Listen

Lauren Jauregui and Steve Aoki
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The Fifth Harmony singer goes solo for her latest track.

Lauren Jauregui and Steve Aoki have your new favorite song to kick-start your weekend.

The 21-year-old Fifth Harmony singer and the DJ released their new collaboration titled "All Night" on Friday. The entrancing and psychedelic tune marks the first time that the artists have worked together.

"Here's a little lyric video! These words were v special for me to write so I hope you enjoy looking at them in neon," Jauregui wrote on Twitter.

She also replied to Aoki's tweet thanking his fans for their support by writing, "My heart is so heavy and overwhelmed with light rn ??????."

Jauregui has been collaborating with various artists outside of her work with Fifth Harmony.

Her first solo venture was guest spot on Marian Hill's 2016 song, "Back to Me." Since then, she's been featured on Ty Dolla $ign’s track, "In Your Phone," and on Halsey's "Strangers."

ET chatted with the singer in October, where she opened up about her roots and how she hopes her experiences help others grow.

“My main piece of advice that I'll leave here is to get to know yourself,” she shared. “Truly confront the true you. It will be painful and you will lose parts of yourself you thought you needed to hold onto. Let them go. You'll find your purpose.”

“We need more people with purpose and passion,” she added.

For more on Fifth Harmony, watch the video below.