Kim Kardashian and Emma Roberts Share a Kiss and a Slap in 'American Horror Story: Delicate Part Two' Trailer

Part 2 of the horror series premieres April 3 on FX and Hulu.

American Horror Story: Delicate is back for part 2 -- with even more blood-soaked intrigue and creepy chaos.

The new trailer for the final four episodes of the latest installment in the Ryan Murphy horror franchise dropped on Wednesday, giving fans a look at how things are going to play out for Emma Roberts' Anna Victoria Alcott, an actress and expectant mother who is dealing with some seriously menacing threats on both fronts.

The trailer opens with Anna crunching through a chicken bone at dinner with her PR agent, Siobhan (Kim Kardashian), who is taken aback by both her client's strange eating habits and her desire to stop campaigning for an Oscar.

At the latter, Siobhan slaps Anna across the face, warning, "I will not let you say another word about quitting."

Anna is also dealing with supernatural side effects to her pregnancy, seeing visions and spider-like threats as she becomes more paranoid. When she gives in, telling Siobhan she'll do "anything" to win the Oscar, the PR agent leans in for a menacing kiss.

There's also the matter of the elaborately costumed cadre of threatening women in a Satanic cult -- and the fact that Siobhan is revealed to be one of them.

"You're a monster!" Anna cries.

"Oh no, babe," Siobhan responds. "I'm so much worse."

Watch the new trailer below:

When Kardashian was announced as one of the stars of the series last summer, a source told ET that the reality star had been inspired to take on the scripted role after her hosting gig on Saturday Night Live in the fall of 2021.

"She decided to take this on because it’s outside of her regular scope and she thinks Ryan Murphy is incredibly talented," the source explained. "Hosting SNL inspired Kim to take this role since it went so well. Kim knows she is capable of so much and is excited for her fans to see that."

The series also stars Matt Czuchry, Cara Delevingne, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, Denis O'Hare, Julie White, Maaz Ali, Juliana Canfield, Tavi Gevinson, Dominic Burgess, Taylor Richardson, Debra Monk, Reed Birney and more.

American Horror Story: Delicate part 2 premieres April 3 on FX and Hulu.