Justin Timberlake Super Bowl Selfie Kid Ryan McKenna Arrested in Florida

McKenna earned fame after snapping a selfie with Timberlake at Super Bowl LII.

Ryan McKenna, who earned fame as a 13-year-old New England Patriots fan after snapping a selfie with Justin Timberlake during the Super Bowl LII halftime show, was arrested in Florida.

According to his arrest record, McKenna, 18, was arrested Saturday on three counts of obstruction of an officer, resisting law enforcement official without violence and battery on a law enforcement official. He was booked by the Collier County Sheriff's Office and is due back in court on March 6.

As for what led to the arrest, TMZ is reporting McKenna allegedly got into a drunken fight with a friend while at a mall restaurant in Naples, Florida. The outlet reports that when police arrived, they spoke to a 15-year-old boy who told them he was friends with McKenna and that they got into an argument that got out of hand. The 15-year-old boy alleged McKenna got so upset, he pushed the table where they were all sitting at and yelled obscenities at the boy's girlfriend.

Collier County Sheriff's Office

Mall security requested McKenna be escorted off the property, but he's alleged to have turned aggressive, waving his arms and trying to approach the 15-year-old boy. And when cops tried to intervene and calm him down, TMZ reports McKenna continued yelling and grabbed the officers' hands and removed them from his chest.

The outlet reports cops tried to handcuff McKenna, who allegedly resisted, forcing officers to pin him to the ground where he continued to resist until finally they were able to handcuff him.

McKenna's mom, Tracy, later told TMZ that her son was not drunk and he was horsing around with friends. She added that he only pushed the table, in an attempt to be funny, after one of McKenna's friends pulled a chair out from under him.

Back in 2018, all eyes were on McKenna near the end of Timberlake's Super Bowl halftime show, when the singer motioned McKenna to grab his phone and snap a selfie.

ET spoke with McKenna just moments after he snapped the selfie with Timberlake. "It was really crazy," he shared at the time, still in awe. "I've gotten so much stuff on social media and stuff. It's crazy. My phone is blowing up."

McKenna would later appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where Timberlake surprised the so-called "Selfie Kid."