Julia Roberts Looks Back at 'My Best Friend's Wedding' Ahead of 25th Anniversary (Exclusive)

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For 25 years, My Best Friend's Wedding has stayed in fans' hearts. 

On June 20, the beloved rom-com celebrates more than two decades of tugging at our heartstrings and spurring us to sing along to "I Say a Little Prayer." One of the movie's signature songs even keeps Julia Roberts and former co-star Dermot Mulroney connected after all this time. 

"Dermot and I, anytime it's on TV or the song that plays from when we're on the ferryboat together, we always are calling each other or texting each other," she told ET of the song "The Way You Look Tonight." 

In fact, it's the chemistry seeping through their two characters -- food critic Julianne and sportswriter Michael -- that she credits with attracting fans over all these years. "The alchemy of our relationship's really, I think, is what stands the test of time in that movie," she noted. 

Now, Roberts is adding yet another standout character to her acting arsenal as Martha Mitchell in Starz's upcoming series, Gaslit, centered on the Watergate scandal and Martha's role in exposing it. 

Alongside co-star Sean Penn as husband John N. Mitchell, both world-famous performers fade away into their real-life characters. "The hair and the thing for my face and the body pieces and stuff," Roberts told ET, "you just really feel like, you know, once I have everything put together, I'm a quarter of the way there."


For Roberts, Penn's physical makeover was "astonishing." 

"Sean is one of our treasures as an actor. You're never going to get the short shrift from Sean Penn," she said, "and I had no idea the lengths that he would go to and achieve in turning into John Mitchell."

Penn was so unrecognizable as himself that it was like he wasn't even there. "Sometimes at the end of the day, I would see him in the parking lot and I would feel like it was the first time I saw him all day," Roberts said, "because I was just always with John Mitchell."

Gaslit premieres April 24 on Starz. 


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