Johnny Depp Opens Up About 'Transformative Experience' Directing New Film 'Modi' (Exclusive)

The actor is stepping behind the camera for his first directing role in 25 years.

Johnny Depp is stepping behind the camera for his first directing role in 25 years, and ET has a behind-the-scenes look.

The actor is adapting the story of Italian Bohemian artist Amedeo Modigliani in Modi, and shared an exclusive quote with ET about his experience directing for the first time since 1997's The Brave.

"Embarking on this cinematic journey as the director of Modi has been an incredibly fulfilling and transformative experience," Depp says. "I would like to express my profound gratitude to the entire cast, crew, and producers for their unwavering commitment and creativity."

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IN.2 Film
IN.2 Film

The film stars Riccardo Scamarcio as the titular artist, and features a supporting role from Al Pacino as French art collector Maurice Gangnat.

"To Al, who requested that I make this film—how could I refuse Pacino?" Depp continues. "A sincere acknowledgment for generously contributing his talent and dedication to this project. Modi is a testament to the collaborative spirit of independent filmmaking, and I am excited to present this unique and compelling story to the world."

Shot mainly in Budapest, Modi follows a chaotic 48 hours in Modigliani's life, as he runs from police through a ravaged Paris in the midst of World War I. As he weighs his desire to end his career and leave the city, a chance encounter with an infamous collector has the potential to change his live.

The film also stars Antonia Desplat, Stephen Graham, Bruno Gouery, Ryan McParland, Luisa Ranieri and Sally Phillips.