John Stamos Admits He Was Upset When Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Didn't Want to Come Back for 'Fuller House'

Stamos opened up while on the 'And That's What You REALLY Missed' podcast.

Nearly a decade ago, John Stamos said he "respected" Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson's decision to not reprise their role as Michelle Tanner for Netflix's Fuller HouseFast forward to now, Stamos says he was actually "angry" that they declined to take part in the Full House reboot.

While on the And That's What You REALLY Missed podcast, the 59-year-old actor opened up about how the late Bob Saget was the glue that kept the crew together after Full House aired its final episode in 1995. Stamos, who famously played Uncle Jesse on Full House for eight seasons and then again for five more seasons in the sequel, also shared a conversation he had with the Olson twins after Saget died. And it was during that conversation when Stamos shared his true feelings about the twins skipping out on the reboot.

"[Bob Saget] was very instrumental in keeping us all together. The twins moved to New York. And I gotta tell you, one of the only good thing to come out of Bob’s, well ... Mary-Kate and Ashley, we didn’t see them much. I mean, we stayed in touch a little bit but Bob really did. And they were so great. You hear rumors, 'Oh, they hated their childhood or they hated being on the show or whatever.'"

"When I did Fuller House they didn’t wanna come back. And I was angry for a minute," Stamos continued. "And that got out. But they were, like, 'We loved our childhood. We loved being with you. We miss Bob.' They came over to my house. They brought a pork chop and sage. I don’t know why, but thank you? It was a frozen pork chop, so that was really nice. So we stayed very close."

Back in 2015, Stamos famously called out the Olsen twins early on in the development of Fuller House, when the two claimed that they hadn’t heard anything about the series but explained the misunderstanding on Howard Stern's show.

"They said first that I didn’t ask them -- and I personally didn’t, but I was told that their agents were asked -- so then I had a knee-jerk reaction and said ‘Bull****, I did ask them," he explained. "They got upset, I think."

Stamos, who also recently said he got the Olson twins briefly fired from Full House, added that he later reached out personally to Mary-Kate to explain the idea for the revival series, but all three Olsens, including the twins' younger sister, Elizabeth, still passed on the project.

"They decided not to, which I respect," he added. "[The twins] seemed very into it, they just were afraid of acting, they hadn’t acted, you know, they don’t consider themselves actresses."

In 2018, Saget spoke to ET and defended the twins' decision not to make an appearance on Fuller House.

"People should do what they want with their lives, and when they're 9 months old and they get a job, [they have a right to stop doing it]," he shared. "I love them very very much, Ashley and Mary-Kate, and they love what they do and acting is not what they want to do."

"People should do what they want to do," he added.