Joe Jonas Officiates Wedding for Jonas Brothers Band Member During Concert

The Jonas Brothers' Anaheim show featured a special moment for the band's percussionist and her fiancé!

Jonas Brothers fans attending the band's concert in Anaheim, California, were treated to a very special moment onstage!

During Sunday night's The Tour stop, JoeKevin and Nick Jonas paused their show to spotlight their percussionist, Molly Lopresti, and her fiancé, Nick Shirm. In a video shared to TikTok by user Recession Obsession, Joe explains that when Molly was asked to join the band on tour, she told the brothers, "Look, I'd love to go on tour with you guys, but the only problem is I'm supposed to get married to my fiancé, Nick."

"We said, 'Let's figure this out, we gotta help them out in some way. If only we knew an ordained minister on this tour,'" Joe, 34, recalls of the conversation between the brothers. "Oh wait, [we do]. So I have the great honor..."

Joe then calls Shirm to the stage, where the session singer shares that he and Molly met nine years ago at school, where he "saw her walking across the student union and I thought, 'Yeah, she might be the one.'"

After Joe -- who recently split from his wife, Sophie Turner -- calls for Molly to join him and Shirm, she emerges from a platform under the stage and walks down the stage's "aisle" to begin the ceremony. The father of two dives straight into the exchange of vows and rings, and declares Molly and Shirm as husband and wife.

As the newlyweds share their first kiss as spouses, Nick and Kevin join Joe, and they launch into "When You Look Me in the Eyes" for the couple's first dance.

Molly shared a short clip of the ceremony on her Instagram page, thanking Joe for his part in their extraordinary ceremony. 

Jonas Brothers fans have probably become used to surprises since the band began The Tour, which sees them performing five albums in one night. In addition to a wedding ceremony on Sunday, the band Switchfoot came out and performed during intermission. Actors Glen Powell and Chord Overstreet were also in attendance, and Joe announced the sex of a fan's baby during their performance of "Little Bird."

It has been a series of eventful concerts full of emotional moments, as the brothers have been moved to tears during performances of "Little Bird." They've even had several special guest performers, including their father, Kevin Jonas Sr., aka Papa Jonas. 

Earlier this month, the trio took a break before playing their next act while in Nashville, when Nick got on the mic and told the audience that their special guest was "somebody who literally had at least 50 percent to do with us being here tonight." 

After the brief introduction, Nick asked the crowd to welcome, "Kevin Jonas Sr. to the stage."

No stranger to the stage, Papa Jonas was right at home as he took center stage and began to belt out "Desperado" by the Eagles. Kevin Sr. was soon joined by Nick and Joe, who both sang along during the chorus, while Kevin strummed along on the guitar. 

Nashville is home to Papa Jonas' Jonas Group entertainment company, an agency founded by the family patriarch focused on artist management and development. 

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A few months before that, during the brothers' first stop in Boston at the TD Garden arena, Joe took the time to give one fan a memory that will last forever

"Can't believe this happened," the fan, Tarryn, captioned the moment in a video shared on TikTok. 

In the clip, Joe is making his way down the catwalk mid-show when he spots the fan holding up a sign that says "Draw a Tattoo." Joe takes the marker, looks at the fan and then looks down at the board as he begins to draw a picture of two smiley faces. As he walks away, he tells her, "It's me and you." 

In the next clip, Tarryn is in a tattoo chair, getting what Joe drew inked on the front of her leg.

Tarryn took to the comments to share exactly how she felt about the moment after one user wrote, "The way he looked at you to draw you." 

"I almost threw up making eye contact with him omfg" she replied.

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