'Jersey Shore' Finale: JWoww, Deena and Snooki Brutally Call Out Vinny (Exclusive)

Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast photo

Things are getting personal in the 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' finale.

Things are getting personal in the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation finale.

In this exclusive clip ahead of Thursday's finale, the women of the house -- Deena, Snooki, JWoww and Angelina -- take a spontaneous trip to Washington, D.C., and upon coming back to the house after a few glasses of wine, decide to all gang up on Vinny. They accuse Vinny of not wanting to hang out with them and call him out for being a killjoy when they're together.

"We love you, and we don't think you love us back," JWoww says. "You don't love us back."

Snooki adds, "Have scotch, you little bi**h."

Vinny is clearly not amused, while Ronnie and Pauly D laugh during the confrontation and playfully side with the ladies. Deena then brings up Vinny's celebrity guest-hosting gig at Chippendales in Las Vegas.

"I just feel like you don't try to have a good time with us, ever," Deena says. "You're so fun in Vegas and then you come to us and you're like ... We just don't like that we see you having such a good time, and then when you're with us, you're just like, I'm going to be miserable. ... When you're at Chippendales, you put on a show."

When Vinny points out that it's two different scenarios --  here, he's sitting at home, and with Chippendales, it's a live show and a "play" -- JWoww mercilessly shades him as she and Snooki burst out laughing.

"Oh, it's a play. Chippendales is a play now," JWoww cracks. "Chippendales is a play. He's off-Broadway, guys."

Meanwhile, Deena won't let up.

"You sit here miserable," she tells him. "Can you still try and have a good time with us? You sit there like a lump on a log and you don't do sh**."

When Vinny shoots back, "I think I see you guys enough," the group is shocked at the shade as Pauly D hilariously hides under the table while Ronnie imitates a dead fish.

The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation finale airs Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

ET spoke with Vinny about his Chippendales gig in May. Watch the video below for more: