Jenna Jameson Reacts to Jessi Lawless Split and Allegation That She's Drinking Again

The retired adult film star said she hopes others struggling with addiction have 'access to an empathic and loving support system.'

After Jenna Jameson's estranged wife, Jessi Lawless, accused her of breaking her sobriety, spurring her filing for an annulment, Jameson has issued a response. 

"I wish Jessi all the best,"  the retired adult film star told ET in a statement.

Seemingly addressing Lawless' claim that Jameson is drinking again, the performer told ET, "As someone who works hard on her sobriety, she hopes that anyone struggling with addiction or trying to stay sober has access to an empathic and loving support system."

"Research has shown that empathy and understanding are better responses to addiction than judgement, shaming, and moralizing," she continued. "Expressing your unconditional love and support may be one of the kindest things you can do. Let them know that you are there for them -- relapse or not, ten days sober or 200."

Concluded Jameson, "Unfortunately, in the past, due to cultural attitudes surrounding addiction, tactics such as shaming, humiliating, shouting and 'attack therapy' were commonplace. Currently, rehab centers recognize that this approach would constitute malpractice and would have no place in the delicate process of treatment. It is much more likely that clients will experience greater success when empathy is placed at the forefront of the client care process."

News of their breakup after less than a year of marriage emerged on Tuesday when Lawless posted a video confirming their split. 

"I told her in the beginning of our relationship that I was drawing a hard line and that drinking had led to so many problems in her life that I would not tolerate it at all under any circumstances," the podcast host said in her Instagram video. She further alleged that the mom of three began drinking while on a trip and had no remorse about it after Lawless confronted her.

Lawless cited Jameson's allegedly broken sobriety as one of the reasons she was seeking an annulment. According to Lawless' filing, signed on April 15 and obtained by ET, she stated that her "consent to the marriage was obtained by fraud" because Jameson "advised that she was financially independent, debt free, and would contribute to the financial responsibility of the household. She didn't disclose that she had over $500,000 in tax debt prior to their marriage. The plaintiff entered into marriage with the promise that defendant would remain sober and has not kept that promise." 

Their relationship status is a major shift from just eight months prior, when Jameson -- who tied the knot twice before -- told ET that she loved married life with Lawless

"She's a really special girl to be able to be my wife," Jameson said in August 2023. "I'm a very strong willed person... I'm pretty wild, so I needed somebody that had her own fire and could handle me. I'm not easy. [But] she is a strong woman and she has her own life."

Added Jameson, "We're just a good partnership, you know? We riff off each other and we just love each other so much."