Iman Explains Why She Hates It When People Call David Bowie Her 'Late Husband'

The supermodel opened up about Bowie's death and whether she's 'open to love.'

It's been six years since David Bowie's death, and Iman says she still thinks about her husband "every day and every minute."

"I have a necklace that I'm wearing under here that has his name on it," the supermodel told Hoda Kotb during an appearance on SiriusXM's TODAY Show Radio on Wednesday. "I've worn it since that first week after David passed away."

The memento allows the 67-year-old to keep Bowie close to her heart since, to her, he'll "always be" her husband.

Iman and Bowie met on a blind date set up by a mutual friend and got married in Florence, Italy, on June 6, 1992. They welcomed their now 22-year-old daughter, Alexandria, in 2000. The legendary musician died in 2016 after a battle with liver cancer. He was 69 years old.

"People say 'your late husband' and I said 'don't call my husband late,'" Iman told Kotb. "He's not my 'late husband.' He's my husband and he'll always be. If you're lucky, you'll experience something like that. It's luck and I was lucky."

When the host asked Iman if meeting Bowie was "luck," Iman answered that it was "destiny." She went on to share that Bowie's similarities with her father showed her that he could be the love of her life. She described Bowie as "very kind, considerate, paid attention to everything," adding that when he spoke to you, it felt like there was "nobody else in the room."

Unsurprisingly, Iman said she's open to love but is unsure if she's "open to that kind of relationship" that she had with the iconic singer. And if there's one thing that she's still wishing for, Iman has one request.

"If there is an afterlife, I'd like to see my husband again," she said. "That's the one I want."