How 'Grey's Anatomy' Said Goodbye to Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw

It's time to bid farewell to April Kepner and Arizona Robbins. Did they get their happy endings?

Warning: Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you have not watched Thursday's season 14 finale of Grey's Anatomy.

Grey's Anatomy gave Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw an emotional farewell.

On Thursday's season 14 finale, titled "All of Me," Alex (Justin Chambers) and Jo (Camilla Luddington) prepare to walk down the aisle on their big day, but of course, their wedding nearly doesn't happen -- thanks to a bevy of obstacles and speed bumps (see: the GPS sending guests to the wrong location, a surprise medical emergency, Jo and Alex getting locked in a shed) that unexpectedly threatened to rock their "I do's." Eventually, the couple made it to their vows -- on a boat, officiated by Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and are officially married, and not long after, April and Arizona say goodbye for good. But how did they get their ultimate send-off?

After dying and coming back to life following her perilous car accident, April revealed she was leaving Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital as an attending trauma surgeon for a new career helping the less fortunate. Turns out, her near-death experience caused her to take a long, hard look at her life and career as she vowed for a new beginning with Matthew (Justin Bruening), her former flame she left at the altar years ago. 

Before the wedding, April dropped the news to members of the Grey Sloan community, declaring that "these homeless communities are huge and they have so little access to medical care and they really need me." "It feels good," April says with a smile.


Later, Matthew and April have an impromptu wedding after Matthew unexpectedly proposes. "I know this is fast and crazy, but I don't care because I loved who you were five years ago and I love you even more today. I don't want to ever be without you again and I almost had to be," he says on one knee. "So, I don't want to waste any more time. April, will you marry me?" 

"Yes, yes!" April says through her tears, as Jackson (Jesse Williams) and Arizona happily witness April and Matthew's unexpected "I do's." "Love makes you do crazy things. I'm, really happy for you," Jackson says moments after April's engagement as the exes share one last happy moment together. And it's just as sweet that Jackson was there to see April get married to Matthew. On to new beginnings!

In the finale, Arizona shared that she was going to relocate to New York City after the wedding to be closer to her daughter and help Nicole (Geena Davis) open a new clinic, which was hinted at in the penultimate episode of the season. But it also appears she may be revisiting a romance with ex-wife Callie (Sara Ramirez), who she's recently gotten friendly with over texts in the recent past.

"Every time I get a text from Callie, I smile," Arizona opens up to April and Webber (James Pickens Jr.), describing this surprising new development as a "catastrophe." Why? "Because she loved me. She left me and then she left me again. But it was worse that time because she took my daughter. And what, now she's single and I'm single... no, no. no. No one has ever in the history of my life hurt me like Callie."

April offered her own two cents about Callie's olive branch, insisting that this curveball can be a good thing. "No one's ever hurt Matthew like I hurt him when I left him at the altar," April recalls. "People change and life changes us and our one job, really our only job is to stay open to possibilities. It's not stupid. It's not a catastrophe that Callie's making you smile again."


It's a sweet opportunity for a potential new chapter with Arizona and Callie. "I can't wait to see you!" Callie texts Arizona hours before she and their daughter are about to board their flight to the Big Apple. Godspeed, Arizona. Godspeed. Here's to happy endings. (Fitting, too, that it was Ramirez gorgeous singing voice over the final montage.)

Meanwhile, Meredith declared she was ready to find love again and she no longer wanted to be alone. Could this be how Scott Speedman comes back into the Grey Sloan fray as transplant surgeon Nick Marsh, aka Meredith's second love of her life (we're praying!)? The finale also dropped a major bombshell: Teddy (Kim Raver) is pregnant -- with Owen's baby? Season 15 is about to get dramatic.

Earlier this month, Pompeo hinted to ET that Capshaw and Drew would not have tragic endings in their farewell episode. "You only get killed off when your behavior is bad. If you're a nice actor, you die nice," she said, adding, "But yeah, these endings aren't tragic."

Pompeo also shared her personal reaction when she learned that Capshaw and Drew would be leaving after the 14th season, seemingly reiterating that she wasn't part of the decision

"My first reaction was, 'What? What do you mean? Why?' And then you go through levels and stages of grief. It's hard for them, it's hard for us, it's hard for the writer who had to make the choice, [who] had to make the creative decision," Pompeo said, adding, "You have to try to support the girls. It's just not easy for anyone, but I don't want to make it about me. It's about them and I just tried to be just as supportive as I could be to everyone involved."

Grey's Anatomy returns Thursdays this fall on ABC.