Harry Jowsey Says He Would Love to Date Khloe Kardashian Day After She Shut Down Dating Rumors

The 'Too Hot to Handle' star said he's not dating the reality TV star, but he would definitely love to.

Harry Jowsey's shooting his shot with Khloe Kardashian!

The Too Hot to Handle star on Saturday confirmed that he is not dating the reality TV star, but now that the subject's come up he's not shying away from asking her out. Jowsey made his intentions known in an interview with TMZ, which also got his side of the story as to what sparked the dating rumors in the first place.

Harry Jowsey / Instagram

Jowsey explained that the picture he posted on Instagram a couple of days ago showing two bouquet of roses in a Bentley was not delivered to Khloe -- as it had been speculated -- but instead to his "queens at Netflix. Jowsey explained that his Instagram account and the streaming giant's account flirt back and forth, and each make it explicitly known in their social media bios.

Harry Jowsey / Instagram
Netflix / Instagram

After the dating rumors started swirling, Khloe was quick to douse those flames by poignantly writing in a fan account, "ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE."

Jowsey backed Khloe, confirming they're not dating, but the idea has now crossed his mind.

"I would actually love to take her on a date," he told the outlet. "I would love to. I feel like it would be so much fun for her, but I don't know what her situation is."

A source recently told ET that Khloe is focusing on herself rather than her romantic life following her recent relationship struggles with her ex, Tristan Thompson, the father of her 3-year-old daughter, True Thompson. 

"Khloe isn't rushing to get back into the dating world at this time," the source told ET last month. "Khloe has been spending time with her sisters and family, working out, eating healthy, and focusing on her mind, body and soul. She's getting back on her A-game." 

In any event, Jowsey said he'd love to make Khloe laugh over some red wine. When asked why Khloe should date him over every other guy in the world, the 24-year-old didn't mince words.

"I guess I wouldn't cheat on her, that's probably the biggest one," Jowsey said. "Khloe, I would love to take you on a date."

Jowsey, who said he's "so single," admitted he sent Khloe a direct message a while ago, but deleted it after these rumors surfaced.

"I DM'd her a while ago and I said, 'How are you little hummingbird,'" Jowsey said. "Then all that stuff came out and I unsent it. I got so embarrassed. She's going to think I'm a f***ing loser."