Haley Lu Richardson Absolutely Loses It Upon Meeting Nick Jonas on FaceTime -- See the Fangirl Moment

Haley Lu Richardson and  Nick Jonas
Momodu Mansaray/Getty Images/Leon Bennett/Getty Images for Villa One Tequila Gardens

The 'White Lotus' star took the opportunity to tell Jonas how much he and his music impacted her life.

Beware, Nick Jonas fans. Meeting the singer -- in person or via FaceTime -- may lead to profuse sweating, excessive swearing, shortness of breath and a wee bit of happy tears. Just ask Haley Lu Richardson

The White Lotus star got the surprise of her life during Wednesday night's appearance on The Late, Late Show With James Corden. Corden had just shown the 27-year-old actress a throwback photo of her from her teen years meeting the Jonas Brothers following a concert.

Richardson revealed waiting in line for hours to meet the group, and that she made a tie specifically for Nick, who at the time was going through a "tie phase." Corden later grabbed his iPhone from his desk, joking that he heard it vibrating. But it was no joke when he shocked everyone after dialing up Nick, and there he was, on Corden's iPhone on a FaceTime call.

Richardson was beside herself, letting out expletives left and right as she tried to gather herself, to no avail. The actress couldn't help but bury her face in her hands in excitement while also revealing that she was sweating like hell.

In what's surely to be considered one of the sweetest fangirl moments ever, Richardson asked if Nick's appearance on Corden's iPhone wasn't a pre-recorded message. Nick assured her it wasn't. In fact, he revealed to Richardson that he had just finished watching her HBO hit show, once again shocking the young actress.

Corden told Nick the story about Richardson waiting in a three-hour line to meet him during a meet-and-greet, in which she intended to gift him a tie but couldn't due to security rules. Richardson then took a moment to tell Nick how much he and his band's music impacted her life.

"Nick, can I tell you something? I just wanted to tell you that you're a huge part of my childhood and therefore life forever," she began. "All of my Converse, as I said earlier that I had in grade school and middle school, had your name on them. And I'm so proud of you. And going to your guys' concerts now as adults, I feel so proud of the three of you and I'm so happy for your lives and your creative endeavors and your families, and I love you!"

Nick, clearly moved by the kind words, then urged Richardson to make another tie and assured her he'll make sure the tie gets to him the next time she attends one of his concerts.

After hanging up, Richardson, still in shock at the sweet moment, hugged Corden and thanked him for the (virtual) encounter of a lifetime.