'Grey's Anatomy' Boss Shonda Rhimes Reflects on Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw's Final Day of Filming


The two actresses filmed their final scenes on Thursday.

Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes is reflecting on the impact longtime stars Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw have had on the show on their final day of filming.

"Today, in the midst of scheduled mania of #scandal series finale, two beautifully talented women filmed their last scenes at #greysanatomy," Rhimes wrote on Instagram on Thursday night, alongside a photo of Drew and Capshaw in character as April Kepner and Arizona Robbins, respectively. "Having these things happen at the same time is almost impossible to process," she continued. 

The prolific TV producer promised that she would give Drew and Capshaw their just praise in the coming days, following their years-long runs on Grey's. Drew has played April since season six, while Capshaw has been on the hit ABC medical drama since season five.

"I need to devote a whole day just to celebrate Jessica and just to celebrate Sarah. To tell you stories about their talent and to tell what I know about what their roles have meant," she continued. "A social media post won't cut it and I will not minimize their magic by pretending it will. I have more to say. I will do so. For now, I will just say how lucky we were to witness their talents and the magic they brought to their characters."

Earlier in the evening, Capshaw could not believe that she was signing off as Arizona for the last time, taking to Twitter to express her emotions.

"That’s a series wrap for Arizona Robbins...wow, wow, wow," the actress tweeted.

Drew, who is starring in the CBS pilot Cagney & Lacey, also took to Twitter to officially mark the end of her Grey's ride. 

"That’s a series wrap for Dr. April Kepner. What a beautiful ride!" she wrote.

Earlier this week, Capshaw shared a sweet on-set photo with co-star Kelly McCreary and Drew as the countdown to her final days drew near. 

"It’s like the last days of senior year in High School where you appreciate every moment and take pictures of everything you do...a sweet and soulful lunch with these two crazy smart and kind (and hot) babes," she wrote alongside the Instagram pic.

Drew also did the same, posting several cast pics to Instagram to commemorate her time.

In March, ET confirmed that Capshaw and Drew would be exiting the popular ABC medical drama at the end of the 14th season. It is unclear how the two characters will be written out of the show.

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.