Garth Brooks Explains Why His NatGeo Docuseries About National Parks Will Make You Proud (Exclusive)

The country superstar narrates the new NatGeo docuseries, which will also feature a special introduction by the first lady.

Country superstar Garth Brooks is teaming up with the first lady of the United States, Dr. Jill Biden, on a new National Geographic docuseries about America’s national parks. Dr. Biden will introduce all five parts of the documentary, which is executive produced and narrated by Brooks, with a special message from the Grand Canyon. 

“America’s national parks are full of unrivaled natural beauty, geological wonders, cultural history and amazing wildlife. Each national park connects people to a piece of the American story -- who we are and where we came from,” Dr. Biden says in a clip shared by National Geographic ahead of the America’s National Parks premiere on Aug. 29.  

“With at least one national park in every state, all Americans can enjoy them. Some are close to home, [and] others require a little more planning and travel, but however far you choose to go, national parks connect us to the wonder and renewal of nature, helping us discover more about our country and ourselves. America’s national parks belong to all of us, so I encourage everyone to go out and enjoy them,” she continues. 

According to National Geographic, America’s National Parks is an immersive “dive into the grandeur and beauty of the treasured landscapes that make up our collective national jewels. From the lush valley floors of Yosemite to the fiery, constantly erupting volcanoes of Hawai’i, these wild open spaces are home to amazing animal inhabitants, from some of the biggest bears on the planet to some of its toughest newts.” 

The docuseries will also feature television firsts, including a rare look at the elusive Mexican long-nosed bats feeding at night on the agave plant in Big Bend National Park during the third night of the TV event. 

And the wonderful thing about the whole project is that “there’s things you learn [from watching that] you never even knew existed, and it’s right in your backyard,” Brooks muses to ET’s Rachel Smith. Ahead of the premiere, you can also check out a preview of the country singer narrating a clip from the first episode about the Grand Canyon:

“I’m really proud to get to be a part of this,” Brooks says, explaining that “when you start to learn the stories of not only how these parks got carved out and the vision and the courage it takes to do it way back then but to maintain it all these decades it's it make you cry.” 

He adds, “It’ll  make you swell up with pride for the United States of America.”  

The debut of America’s National Parks also coincides with National Geographic’s new annual event, America’s National Parks Week, which takes place Monday, Aug. 29 to Friday, Sept. 2, with new or original programming slated for each day. 

Additionally, in participation with the White House’s Joining Forces Initiative, National Geographic’ will premiere a PSA during the five-night event in which Dr. Biden shows appreciation for the U.S. military community. 

America’s National Parks premieres Aug. 29 at 9 p.m. ET/PT and will air over five consecutive nights on National Geographic. All episodes will also be available to stream starting Aug. 31 on Disney+.