Emma Roberts Reveals the Gift She Took Back From Her Ex After Finding Out How Much It's Worth

Roberts shared the tidbit while giving 'Architectural Digest' a tour of her charming Los Angeles home.

Emma Roberts giveth. Emma Roberts taketh. Let us explain.

The 33-year-old actress recently gave Architectural Digest a tour of her Los Angeles home, and it was during a tour of her TV room where fans found out about a particular book she once gifted an unnamed ex that she said she took back after finding out its worth.

After sharing the new Joni Mitchell shrine in the TV room, Roberts headed over to the overflow of books on her shelves, which included the Charles Portis novel, Norwood.

"This is a book I actually gave as a gift to my ex, but then we broke up," said Roberts without offering even a hint of said ex-boyfriend. "I saw how much it was worth and I kept it."

The admission incited a giggle from Roberts. 

The book appears to be in pristine condition -- much like her other collectibles -- but it's unclear if the book is a signed copy or if it's a first edition. In any case, a quick search on Etsy shows that a similar book in similar condition -- considered a "rare find" and "vintage from the 1960s" -- goes for about $4,500. A small fortune, for sure.

Roberts is currently dating fellow actor Cody John. She's previously been linked to Hayden Christensen, Christopher Hines and, most recently, actor Garrett Hedlund, with whom she shares 3-year-old son, Rhodes. In January 2022, ET confirmed Roberts and Hedlund ended their relationship after nearly three years together.

The actress also shared that the TV room is her favorite room because that's where the family congregates, including Rhodes, who houses his adorable toy chest there. The same room is also where Rhodes keeps his "timeout chair," the same "timeout chair" that Roberts sat in as a child. The full-circle moment brings her laughter, she says.

Roberts recently celebrated Rhodes' third birthday. She spoke to ET back in January and she said she's grateful for her career and having her son by her side.

"I'm loving it. I feel so lucky. I just got to finish work on a show, I get to go see my 3-year-old tomorrow," the Scream Queens actress said. "So life is good. I'm very grateful."

No word if Roberts allows her son to play with her magnificent doll collection, particularly Leggy Jill or drunk cowgirl Barbie, proudly displayed in her "little office area."

"My most recent addition is Leggy Jill and I got her for my birthday, and I was looking for Leggy Jill for over a year. And then my boyfriend surprised me with her," Roberts says. "I took her outta the box, which he did not approve of. I take my dolls out of the box, which people get very up in arms about."

She added, "This is a fun one. This is, like, drunk cowgirl Barbie, and I heard about her, and I thought that she didn't really exist and she was a joke, but it turns out she does exist. And she's just amazingShe's fabulous. She's having the time of her life."

The obsession for her dolls is real, and Roberts is not afraid to admit it, either.

"When I was younger and people would be like, 'Aren't you scared your dolls are gonna come to life?'" she shared. "I'm like, 'I hope that every night that they'll come wake me up.'"