Elizabeth Chambers Talks New Chapter, Most Important Thing She's Looking for in a Partner (Exclusive)

Elizabeth Chambers, Armie Hammer's ex, also shares how her kids are doing, more than two years after her split.

More than two years after filing for divorce from Armie Hammer, Elizabeth Chambers is enjoying what feels like a "new beginning."

As controversy has swirled around the Call Me By Your Name actor for nearly two years, his ex has been forging ahead, co-parenting their two young children and working on the reignited success of her BIRD Bakery locations in San Antonio, Dallas and Denver during the coronavirus pandemic..

"We're doing really well. Things are great now, coming into the holiday season," she tells ET's Nischelle Turner of her and her family. "It feels definitely like a new beginning and like a really good space."

While her life has changed significantly in recent years, Chambers isn't alone. 

"I think everyone has kind of gone through what is the new normal, right? The interesting thing is everybody has kind of gone through this process over the last few years, whatever that means to them -- like, we've all had challenges, we've all had change and shifting and moments, so the beauty of it is that it feels like we're collectively all moving in that space," she says. "For us, it's just, you know, continuing on in the best headspace possible. We've been living in the Cayman Islands, which is incredible and such a gift, but, you know like, my work is here. My restaurants are in the States. It's been a beautiful place of solace and protection, but now I think it's time to kind of just get back to reality."

As for how their kids are doing, Chambers says they "are the happiest, most well-adjusted."

"You know, the beauty of children and the beauty of protecting them as parents is that there hasn't been a low for them. There really hasn't. And I think that's our job as parents is to protect their innocence and protect their youth, whatever that looks like," she tells ET. "If that means crying in the shower at 1 a.m. so they can't hear you, then fine... It's not lying to them. It's actually like strength and processing."

Adds Chambers, "I think just taking every day one step at a time... Honestly, they've probably seen me more stressed out about work stuff and my restaurants and managing 110 people during the holidays than anything else in this world. Harper's always like, 'I'm so sorry you're stressed out about work' and that's how I want to keep it. I want her to know I'm a hard-working mom and at the end of the day, that's what I'm doing for my children, so I'm really just very grateful for the way that our process personally unfolded."

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As for matters of the heart, the businesswoman was previously rumored to be "casually dating" Ricardas Kazinec, sources tell ET. "But that is the extent of their relationship," the sources say. "The two have been friends for years, so it was very casual. She is not dating seriously at this time, but open to dating more in the future."

When it comes to a future partner, she has one particular attribute in mind. "It's finding somebody who you feel that you can trust and, for me, like, you really reevaluate what's important to you," she says. "Trust is the most important thing to me -- and abs."

"No, I'm kidding," Chambers quips, "but also, not kidding." 

Ultimately, despite what has transpired in the last three years, it seems Chambers has no time for anger these days. "One of my favorite quotes is that anger corrodes the vessel in which it's carried," she says. "Nobody wants to be an angry person. Nobody wants to carry anything -- this is all part of the journey and it's beautiful if you do the work."

Looking ahead, the mom of two is leaning on her faith -- and not worried about how the future will unfold. "I do believe that everything is happening according to God's will," she says, "and I think there's nothing that we can't handle and I'm excited what God has in store for me."



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